Yes or No Questions in Tarot: Can You Ask for Simple Answers?

Yes or No Questions in Tarot: Can You Ask for Simple Answers?

When it comes to finding out about the future, many people turn to the tarot cards for guidance. One of the most common questions asked of the tarot is a simple yes or no on a given situation. But can you really get a simple answer when inquiring to the tarot?

What is a “Yes or No” Tarot Question?

A yes or no tarot question is quite self-explanatory: its one that seeks a binary answer of either yes or no. The cards of the tarot deck do not speak in absolutes, though, so trying to get a “yes or no” response instead of a full reading may prove to be tricky.

The Benefits of Asking “Yes or No” Tarot Questions

Asking questions that lead to an objective yes or no answer have a few benefits. When working with the tarot, these can include:

  • Getting the Answer Quickly. A yes or no question can be the perfect way to get a quick answer to a pressing question, like whether you should invest money in a certain opportunity.
  • Getting Something Definitive. If the answer you get from the tarot is not a clear-cut yes or no, then you can use additional tarot spreads or other divination methods to gain further clarity.
  • Gaining New Perspectives. Yes or no tarot reading isn’t just used to get binary answers. It can also be utilized to gain new perspectives on any situation you are facing.

How to Ask Effective “Yes or No” Questions

If you are determined to ask the tarot cards yes or no questions, one thing to remember is to focus the question on a specific situation. Questions that are too broad can not only lead to unclear answers, but can also lead to general answers that can leave you second-guessing.

Some examples of effective yes or no questions you can ask the tarot include:

  • Should I take this job?
  • Is this the right path for me?
  • Am I making the right decision?
  • Is this the right time for a project I am working on?

Other Considerations When Asking “Yes or No” Questions

When asking tarot cards yes or no questions, always take note of the card that appears. While the traditional tarot card meanings may give a clear answer, some cards give a subconscious message that often points towards a more complex answer. Make sure you spend some time interpreting the card as well to get a clearer picture.

When employing a tarot spread, you can use the other cards as supportive elements that can help clear the meaning behind the answer given.

Finally, never limit yourself to just a yes or no question. If you are looking for an answer to a specific situation, consider expanding the tarot question so that you get a more comprehensive reply.


A yes or no tarot question is a popular way to get an answer quickly. However, it’s important to understand that the tarot does not speak in absolutes and can provide an objective answer. When it comes to asking yes or no questions, make sure to remain focused on a particular situation and tailor the question to gain a broader perspective of the issue.
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What are the guidelines for constructing yes or no questions?

Yes or no questions typically begin with “Do, Does, Is, Are, Am, Have, Has, Did, Were, or Will.”

Yes or no questions generally have one of the following structures:

1. Auxiliary + Subject + Main Verb

2. Interrogative Pronoun + Auxiliary Verb + Main Verb

3. Main Verb + Subject

For example, some possible yes or no question structures:

Do you like ice cream?

Does he want to go?

Is the movie playing this weekend?

Are they planning to visit soon?

Am I invited to the party?

Have you ever been there?

Has she decided what to do?

Did he call yet?

Were they here last night?

Will she be leaving soon?

What types of questions are not suitable for tarot readings?

Questions related to legal or medical advice, or any private information that you might not want to provide (i.e. social security number, credit card numbers, etc.) are not suitable for tarot readings. Tarot readings are meant to be an exploration of your current life situation and its possibilities. Avoid questions that are too specific, that provide yes/no answers, or that require a prediction of the future.

How can tarot readings provide simple yes or no answers?

Tarot readings can provide simple yes or no answers by using a one-card draw. In this practice, the querent (or person asking the question) draws one card, and the card’s meaning is interpreted by the reader to answer the question in the form of a yes or no answer. Alternatively, a three-card draw can provide more specific information regarding a yes or no answer. The reader may interpret any combination of cards to assess the likelihood of the query being answered positively or negatively.

How do tarot readers interpret yes or no questions?

Tarot readers interpret yes or no questions by looking at the context of the question and looking for symbols within the cards that show a positive or negative outcome. Tarot readers will look at the variety of cards that have been drawn, their suit and the overall spread of the cards to create a more detailed response than just a simple yes or no answer. For example, a tarot reader might interpret a question such as ‘Will I get the job I applied for?’ by looking at cards such as The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune and The Sun to assess the potential outcome.

Can tarot cards provide yes or no answers to complex questions?

No. Tarot cards are a tool to help you evaluate and explore the complexities of a situation and form your own conclusions. They are not meant to provide definitive yes or no answers. They can, however, provide insight into the energies surrounding a situation and potential outcomes of different paths that you can choose.

Can tarot cards be used to answer yes or no questions with certainty?

No, tarot cards cannot be used to answer yes or no questions with certainty. Tarot cards are symbolic tools used to provide insight and guidance. They can provide clues and information that could help you make a decision, but ultimately the interpretation of the cards is up to the reader, and this means that it is impossible to answer any question or get any kind of guarantee from the reading.

Can tarot cards be used for decision-making?

Yes, tarot cards can be used for decision-making. Many people use tarot cards to gain insight into the potential outcomes of decisions and to gain clarity about how best to proceed. Tarot cards also can provide encouragement, guidance, and confirmation for decisions that an individual is considering, allowing them to make more informed and confident choices.