Will He Come Back? A Tarot Spread for Predicting Relationship Reconciliation

Do you want to know if you and your ex will reconcile? Read on to find out how to do a tarot spread to help shed some light on the situation.


To prepare for the tarot spread, you should:

    • Relax: Take some deep breaths and give yourself some space to focus
    • Gather Materials: Get the tarot cards you will use, your journal, and a pen, along with any other items that will help you to create ambiance, such as candles and incense
    • Ask the Question: Before you begin the spread, ask your question very clearly in your mind, such as “Will he come back?”

The Spread

Once you are prepared, you are ready to begin the spread. The Will He Come Back Spread consists of five cards, representing the following:

    • The Issue: This card represents the current status of your relationship
    • The Influence: This card represents any external influences that may be impacting your relationship
    • Hopes and Fears: This card represents your hopes and fears about the future of your relationship
    • Outcome: This card represents the most probable outcome of the situation
    • Advice: This card provides advice as to how to best move forward

Interpreting the Cards

After laying out the cards, begin to interpret the cards. As you interpret each card, it is important to think about how they relate to each other, as the spread is meant to be seen as a whole.

Once you have interpreted the cards, take some time to reflect and journal on your insights. There is no right or wrong interpretation- the tarot spread is meant to provide you with insight into what is best for you, so use your intuition and trust your soul.


Tarot cards can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into relationships and understanding your emotions. By doing a tarot spread for predicting relationship reconciliation, you have tapped into your intuition and explored the status of your relationship in a deeper way. Take time to reflect on the insights you have gathered and use their guidance as you move forward.
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What can tarot tell me about the future of a relationship?

Tarot cannot provide a definitive answer about the future of any relationship. A tarot card reading can provide insight and guidance, but the ultimate outcome of the relationship is not determined by the cards. The reading will provide a snapshot of the current energies present in the relationship and guidance on what steps can be taken for the best possible outcome in the relationship.

What do the cards in a tarot reading indicate about the future for a couple?

The tarot cards in a reading can give general clues about the future of a couple. Depending on the spread and type of reading, they could indicate the likely outcome of a situation, warn of potential difficulties ahead, or suggest ways to work through issues. Ultimately, tarot readings provide guidance, insight, and potential pathways that could lead to favorable outcomes and greater connection, but it’s important to remember that the cards do not predict the future – they only provide possibilities and guidance as to what might be possible.

“What is the card of Death typically interpreted to mean in a tarot reading for a couple?”

Typically, the card of Death in a tarot reading for a couple is interpreted to mean transition, transformation, and personal growth. It suggests that something is ending or transforming in the relationship, which will lead to a new beginning and opportunity for personal growth for both parties. This can also signify a period of transition leading to greater fulfillment in the relationship. The card is generally viewed as a positive indicator in a relationship, as it suggests that a change is coming that will bring new life and greater satisfaction.

What is the significance of Death in a tarot reading for a couple?

Death in a tarot reading for a couple typically symbolizes a major transition. It can often signify a deep transformation that is meant to bring the couple closer together, or it can symbolize the end of a relationship. It can also signify the end of a difficult situation the couple has been going through, or a sign of a new beginning. Ultimately, the card of Death can signify a time of change and growth, and it can be seen as a positive indicator of a relationship, suggesting that something new and better is waiting around the corner.

What is the significance of the Death card in a tarot reading for a relationship?

The Death card in a tarot reading for a relationship usually signifies a period of transition or change. It can mean the end of one stage of the relationship, the need for a major shift in order to move forward, or a calling for a new beginning. It can also signal the death of ideals, attitudes, or behaviors that have been preventing progress, allowing for an opportunity for positive growth. Ultimately, the Death card should not be viewed as a negative predictor, but rather as a window of opportunity for personal and interpersonal growth.

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