Why Did He Leave Me? Using Tarot to Gain Clarity and Closure

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking up can be difficult to cope with, even when you feel secure in the knowledge that your former partner no longer wants to be with you. Questions can linger, such as why did they break up? With a simple cold heart, did they leave without explanation? Seeking to find closure can be hard, but fortunately, there is help available in the form of Tarot card readings that can provide you with the answers you need.

Working Through the Pain with Tarot

Though Tarot was originally used as a form of game, many now turn to Tarot cards for guidance during tough times. When it comes to understanding why someone has left you, Tarot can provide clarity and enable you to find closure in the event you feel your suddenly ended relationship was lacking. To begin the reading, the Tarot reader will ask you to focus the area of your life that you need clarity for so that they can then proceed with the answers you seek.

The Questions You Should Ask

When using Tarot to gain clarity on why your partner left, it is recommended that you ask the following questions:

  • What ended this relationship?
  • What did I learn from this experience?
  • What could I have done to prevent it?

Tarot can often prove to be an invaluable tool when seeking answers to difficult questions that may go beyond the realm of our own understanding. By delving into one’s subconscious, the Tarot reader is able to bring forth the spiritual knowledge that may be hidden beneath the surface.

Open Hearted Readings

When having a Tarot reading it is necessary to approach it with an open heart and an open mind. Be prepared to take on the advice of the Tarot reader, even if it means confronting some harsh realities that can be difficult to accept. Questions and tips the Tarot reader might have for you could include:

  • Was there something I could have done to keep my relationship alive?
  • What lessons did I learn from this experience?
  • Are there any steps that I need to take to heal?

Tarot readings can provide insight and assistance into your unique situation and give you the answers you need to gain clarity and closure. Having these questions answered can help you work through your break up and come to terms with the loss of someone you care for. Tarot readings are invaluable when you are seeking understanding and advice.
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How can the Tarot be used to support the healing process when someone leaves a relationship?

The Tarot can be an excellent tool to support someone in the healing process after a relationship ends. Depending on their individual needs, a suitable card spread can be used to gain insight into the situation, assist in gaining clarity on the current state of the relationship, and explore the possibilities for the future. During a reading, a reader may choose to focus on specific themes such as self-care, self-confidence, and self-love, which can help the person in question to understand the events of the past and navigate the post break-up path. Drawing a card at the end of the reading to represent a positive affirmation or guiding force can be a powerful way to end the session and provide the individual with a sense of optimism and hope. Through the process of Tarot reading, the client may gain new perspectives which can lead to healing and successful closure of the past.

What does Tarot have to offer in understanding relationships?

Tarot can be a powerful tool for understanding relationships, both our own and those of others. It can provide insight into the dynamics at play in a relationship, help clarify feelings and thoughts, and even offer practical advice or direction for how to best navigate through any issues. It can provide clarity on communication, clarity of personal boundaries, and insight into the motivations of each party in the relationship. Tarot can also offer insight into the karmic energy of a relationship and how its current state may be affected by past choices or events.

What steps are involved in using Tarot for insight in relationships?

1. Choose a tarot deck that speaks to you.

2. Gather additional items for your tarot spread, such as a journal or notebook, a pen, a cloth or mat to lay your cards on, and any other items you wish to incorporate.

3. Consider the specific relationship you would like guidance on.

4. Form a clear and direct question to focus your reading.

5. Create a tarot spread or use a pre-set spread such as a Relationship Spread or Three Card Spread.

6. Shuffle your tarot cards while holding your question in mind.

7. Lay out your tarot cards in the positions specified in your chosen tarot spread.

8. Spend a few moments studying each of the positions in the tarot spread, observe the cards and their patterns, and note the positions of reversal.

9. Draw insight from the tarot spread with real-life relationship advice.

10. Reflect on and journal about the results of the tarot reading and how it applies to your relationship.

What are the benefits of using Tarot as a tool for gaining clarity and closure in relationships?

Tarot can be a powerful tool to gain clarity and closure in relationships by providing insight into a person’s inner thoughts and feelings, and giving fresh perspectives on the dynamics of the relationship. It can help unlock repressed emotions, giving individuals the power to transform destructive patterns and ultimately, move on in a healthy way. Tarot can also provide a safe atmosphere for both parties to reflect on their experiences and come to a mutual understanding about the relationship. Ultimately, it is a great way for people to gain insight into their relationships and make healthier choices for their future.

What tarot cards should I read to gain closure after a break up?

This is a very personal question; the best advice is to work with your own intuition to decide which cards you should read. However, possible cards to consider for gaining closure include The Hermit, Death, Judgement, The High Priestess, Temperance, The Magician, and The Sun. Each card carries a different meaning, so spend some time considering what their symbolism may mean for you. In addition to studying the symbolism of each card, use a method like a three card spread to draw advice for your situation. For example, you could use the following spread: The first card will represent your current state, the second card will represent how to proceed, and the last card will represent what closure or further understanding you need.