What Is He Hiding? A Tarot Spread for Revealing Secrets

What Is He Hiding? A Tarot Spread for Revealing Secrets

In some relationships, each person knows everything about the other. But in most no one person knows completely what the other is feeling or thinking. To find out the truth, some people turn to tarot readings. If you are looking for answers about what your partner could be hiding, here is a tarot spread for revealing their secrets.

Steps for the Tarot Spread

This particular tarot spread requires the use of three cards, each with its own meaning. To begin, you will need to focus on the person you believe is hiding something and then draw the three cards.

1. Unknown Fact:
The first card will stand for the unknown fact that you are uncovering. This can be anything that was not previously known by the querent, such as a hidden emotion, feeling, or thought.

2. Reasoning:
The second card will represent the reasoning behind the unknown fact. This could include the reasons why the person is hiding the fact, or what is driving them to conceal it.

3. Suggested Action:
The last card will point out the possible course of action that can be taken in light of the newly revealed information. This card will provide guidance for the querent to move forward.

Things to Consider

When attempting this tarot spread, it is important to remember that tarot cards cannot guarantee an answer, and so it is important to approach the spread with an open mind. Additionally, it is important to remember that the cards are not always literal, and can often represent abstract concepts that need to be interpreted.


Ultimately, tarot cards are a great way to uncover hidden secrets. With this particular tarot spread, you can find out what your partner is hiding and what the reasoning behind their concealment might be. Additionally, it can provide guidance for responding to the new information.
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How can the tarot spread help reveal the circumstances around a hidden secret?

The tarot spread can provide insight into the circumstances around a hidden secret by providing the querent with insights into the people, forces, and energies that are involved in the situation. The cards can also reveal potential blocks to uncovering the secret as well as pathways and indications of when the secret might be unveiled. The querent can also get an understanding of the motivations behind why the secret remains hidden and how it impacts their life.