What Does My Tarot Spread Mean? A Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Your Reading

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is an ancient form of divination in which a reader uses 78 cards to reveal aspects of the querent’s life. The cards are divided into two parts: the Major Arcana, which is made up of 22 trump cards shaped like people and places, and the Minor Arcana, which is comprised of 56 cards reminiscent of conventional playing cards. Each card has a distinct meaning, depending on where it falls in the reader’s reading. Each arrangement of the cards reveals a pattern that the reader can interpret for insights about the past, present, and future.

What is a Tarot Spread?

A Tarot spread is the specific arrangement of cards used in a Tarot reading. Spreading the cards helps to set a specific context for the reader to interpret the cards. The cards can be arranged in any way that fits the question, situation, or relationship the querent is looking to gain insight on. Common spreads include the Celtic Cross, the Star, the Three-Card Spread, and the Past, Present, Future Spread. The reading can be done with any number of cards, but most spreads have between three and twelve cards.

How Do You Begin a Tarot Reading?

When beginning a Tarot reading, the reader and querent should be in a calm, relaxed environment. It’s important to take a few moments to clear your mind and focus on the question at hand. If you don’t have a specific question, the querent can focus on a particular area of their life or make a general inquiry. Either way, both the reader and querent should approach the reading with an open heart and mind in order to get the most out of it.

The reader should cleanse the deck before using it. This can be done in any number of ways, including with sage smudging, running the cards through incense smoke, or simply holding the cards between your hands and visualizing your positive energy being transferred into the cards.

Interpreting Your Spread

Once your spread is laid out and the reader is comfortable with their surroundings, the tarot reading can begin. Each card holds its own symbolism, and it is up to the reader to interpret these symbols and apply them to the querent’s query. The reader can examine the cards’ position in the spread, as well as the relationships between the cards to create a story and gain insight into the querent’s query.

In general, cards that appear in the outer positions or during the center of the spread can be seen as having an influence on the querent’s life. They can represent the energies that are either affecting or are emerging in the querent’s life. Cards at the beginning or end of a spread can illustrate the querent’s attitude and energy entering into, or emerging from, the situation.

The reader can also look at the cards individually. Each card insightfully shines a light on an energy or attitude that is influencing the querent’s query, as well as how the querent can use it to reach their goal. For example, the Three of Swords could represent heartache, or the Knight of Pentacles could signify work-related issues.

It’s important for the reader to remember that the cards, although offering helpful insight and guidance, do not have the power to dictate the querent’s future. The cards merely offer new ways for the querent to approach their situation, allowing them to be proactive in attaining desired outcomes.


Tarot readings are a wonderful way to gain insight and perspective on issues in life. Whether you’re looking for guidance on specific matters or simply want to get a comprehensive look at your life, tarot readings offer the querent a new way of looking at the world and their place in it. With practice and patience, anyone can interpret tarot spreads and gain deeper understanding on their life and the situations they encounter.
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What types of questions can I ask my tarot spread?

There are no set rules for what questions you can ask your tarot spread, however questions that focus on an area of your life- such as career, relationships, health, or creativity- tend to yield the best results. Additionally, many people also prefer to ask more open-ended questions rather than yes/no questions, as open-ended questions allow for more in-depth insights. Ultimately, the questions you decide to ask should be tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Can I use any type of tarot spread?

Yes! You are welcome to use any tarot spread that speaks to you or resonates with your question. Depending on your question, there may be different tarot spreads that might be more suitable to help guide you through your inquiry. If you are unsure, you can always consult a tarot reader for advice. Tarot spreads can also be adapted to fit the occasion, and you are free to come up with unique interpretations for each spread.

Can I make my own tarot spread?

Yes, you absolutely can make your own tarot spreads. Making a tarot spread is a great way to focus on an area of your life or question you have. It gives you an organized way of looking at the cards drawn and provides meaningful structures to glean messages from the cards. Some resources online have helpful ideas of spreads to use, but it is also possible to make your own tarot spread. To create your own tarot spread, think of a question or area of your life you would like to focus on and come up with individual positions or layouts and decide what each one will represent. Research is always best practice when working with Tarot so you may want to look at other spreads and their meanings, as well as looking at the meanings of the cards themselves. Have fun with it and remember to be creative and follow your intuition!

Can I make tarot spreads with any tarot deck?

Yes, you can definitely use any tarot deck to make tarot spreads. Tarot spreads are simply sets of cards arranged in some way to explore a certain topic. There are many tarot decks available and each one can work for any tarot spread you’d like to create. As long as the images and card meanings are meaningful to you, and you have enough cards to create the spread you need, any tarot deck will do. When making a tarot spread, it is important to choose a deck that resonates with you, that helps you to find your inner wisdom. Most importantly, just find a deck and a spread that works for you!

What is the basic tarot spread?

The Basic Tarot Spread is a simple seven-card layout that covers the basics of a situation. It begins with a single card representing the Querent (the person seeking advice) followed by three cards representing the Past, Present, and Future of the issue. On either side of these cards are two more cards representing the Querent’s Inner Emotions and Outer Influences. Finally, the seventh card of the spread represents the Final Outcome. This is a great spread for beginners to try out as it provides an overall guide to a question or situation with just a few cards.

What is the Celtic Cross tarot spread?

The Celtic Cross tarot spread is one of the most widely used spreads in tarot. This spread is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the querent’s life. It consists of ten cards which are laid out in a cross-like formation. Each card has a special meaning and provides insight into the querent’s life. The cards provide a broad sense of insight that covers past, present and potential future issues. This spread can be used to gain clarity on any life issue, offering guidance and advice on how to approach the situation.

“What tarot cards are used in the Celtic Cross tarot spread?”

The cards used in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread are:

1. The Significator

2. The Crossing Card

3. The Foundation

4. The Recent Past

5. The Crown

6. The Future

7. The Questioner

8. External Influences

9. Hopes and Fears

10. Outcome.

What is the Celtic Cross tarot spread?

The Celtic Cross tarot spread is a 10-card spread used to help provide insight into a specific situation or question. This spread is one of the most popular reading techniques used in the tarot. It is designed to uncover potential influences surrounding the topic at hand, giving the reader a better understanding of the situation. The spread begins with a central card that provides a basic overview of the situation. The other nine cards are then placed in a particular configuration around the central card, which reveal further details and influences. This spread can be used for both general readings as well as more specific questions.

What is the meaning of the Celtic Cross tarot spread?

The Celtic Cross tarot spread is a popular tarot reading spread used to gain insight into a specific issue or life challenge. It can also give a better overall understanding of a situation and the likely outcomes. This spread uses 10 cards, each one representing a different aspect or life area such as relationships, work, emotions and inner thoughts. The tarot reader lays out the cards in a distinctive cross shape to help interpret the energy of the question. The Celtic Cross tarot spread reveals present influences, how the issue has been handled in the past, potential future outcomes, inner sources of influence and motivation, and any external influences that could be messing with the situation. This spread gives a well-rounded understanding of the topic and can be a great way to gain clarity and insight.

What are the positions in the Celtic Cross tarot spread?

1. Significator

2. Crossroads

3. The Past

4. The Present

5. The Future

6. Obstacles

7. Reactions/Outcome

8. Influences (External)

9. Hopes/Fears

10. Final Outcome