What Deity Is Calling Me Tarot Spread: A Guide to Discovering Your Spiritual Path

What Deity Is Calling Me Tarot Spread: A Guide to Discovering Your Spiritual Path


The ‘What Deity Is Calling Me Tarot Spread’ is an intuitive card spread used to help identify spiritual calling or the deity with the strongest influence on your life. It can be used for those wishing to deepen their spiritual practice or for those just beginning their journey. The spread taps into your subconscious and helps you gain insight and understanding when it comes to your spiritual path.

Steps and Tips

The spread is designed with seven cards, representing the many aspects of the divine. This card spread invites you to have an open dialogue with the universe and ask the questions you have been seeking answers for. The cards can provide insight, revelations, and connections to spiritual beings. Here are the steps and tips for the spread:

Gather the Seven Cards

The What Deity Is Calling Me Tarot Spread requires seven cards. These cards can be chosen randomly, or they can be chosen with intention. If taking an intentional approach, it is important to keep an open mind and connect with your heart and intuition.

Create a Sacred Space

It is essential to create a sacred space for this card spread. This can be done by smudging the area with sage, burning incense, or lighting candles. This will clear the space of any negative energy and help create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Go Slowly

It’s important to take your time with this card spread. Go slowly and allow the cards to enlighten you with spiritual understanding. Don’t rush the process and take time to contemplate each card and its message.

Connect With Your Intuition

The What Deity Is Calling Me Tarot Spread is a great way to connect with your intuition. As you look at the cards, put yourself in a receptive state of mind and allow intuition to flow through you. Connect with your heart and listen to the messages that the cards have for you.


An excellent way to receive additional clarity from this card spread is to write your findings in a journal or on a piece of paper. You can take notes about the messages you are receiving from each card and reflect on how it connects to your spiritual path.

Card Meanings and Interpretations

Once you have laid out the seven cards, it’s time to interpret their meanings. Below we provide card interpretations and the spiritual messages that each card offers.

Card 1: This is the Deity That is Calling Me

This card reveals the being or deity that is calling out to you. It could be a deity that you already know and recognize, or it could be a new being that is seeking your attention. Take time to reflect on this card and understand the power of the message that it is conveying.

Card 2: My Spiritual Connection

This card reveals the divine connection that you have with the spiritual realm. It will provide guidance on how to tap into the power of this connection and access spiritual healing and understanding.

Card 3: The Impact of the Deity in My Life

This card will show you how the deity is impacting your life. It will reveal the energy that this deity brings and how it is influencing your decisions, behavior, and feelings.

Card 4: Signs and Messages

This card will highlight the signs and messages that the deity is sending to you. These could be physical, emotional, or spiritual messages that are meant to guide you and provide insight into your life.

Card 5: The Divine Gifts

This card will reveal the divine gifts that have been bestowed upon you. This can include spiritual gifts, insights, and blessings. Pay attention to the gifts that this card is revealing and use them to further your spiritual journey.

Card 6: The Challenges

This card will show the challenges that you might come across in your spiritual journey. It will help you identify any blocks or roadblocks that might be in your way, and it will provide guidance on how to overcome them.

Card 7: Practical Actions

This card will offer practical advice and steps you can take on your spiritual path. This card will provide clarity on the spiritual steps you need to take and will help you focus on taking action.


The What Deity Is Calling Me Tarot Spread is a powerful card spread that can help you connect with the divine and tune into your spiritual path. Through this spread, you can gain insight and understanding into the deity that is calling out to you and the spiritual connection you have with the universe. Use this card spread to get in touch with your intuition, receive clarity, and better understand the journey you are on.