Unveiling Connections: The Relationship Spread in Tarot

Understanding Tarot

Tarot is an ancient form of divination, with the earliest decks emerging around the late 15th century in Europe. By using cards with symbolic artwork, the tarot practitioner is able to access a conversation between the conscious and unconscious mind, offering interpretations from the realm of the spirit and allowing for a level of insight and illumination into life events.

Exploring the Relationship Spread

One popular approach to accessing this insight in a tarot reading is the Relationship Spread. This spread focuses specifically on improving and understanding interactions between two people or within a relationship. It allows for the exploration of the individual perspectives and hidden motivations and fears that can be at play in a relationship, and could be useful for couples as a way of foregrounding situational awareness and developing a more conscious relationship.

The Cards

The Relationship Spread consists of four simple card positions. The two outer positions represent the two individuals in the relationship, and the two inner positions represent the relationship in itself. These card positions can also be viewed as symbols for the behavior, thoughts, and feelings of those involved in the relationship.

The first card position uncover the individual’s thoughts and feelings about themselves, and identifies their innermost truth. The second card reveals what the individual wants out of the relationship directly from them. The third card position reveals what dynamics are currently present in the relationship. Finally, the fourth card offers guidance for the relationship moving forward.

Using the Spread

At the beginning of the spread, the reader will explain the points of the spread and encourage participation from both individuals. They can offer their own insights and contribute to the interpretation of the cards.

The cards will be laid out in the order of the four positions, with the reader performing a simple interpretation. They will be looking at how the four cards interact with one another on a macro level, as well as the specifics of each card individually. Through this process, they will identify core patterns and issues underlying the relationship, as well as potential shifts for how to move it forward.

Doing the Spread at Home

With a bit of direction, a Relationship Spread can be done easily for two individuals in any setting. The most important thing is to create a comfortable and respectful space for conversation and exploration. For beginners, there are many easy to follow instructions available online. For a more experienced tarot reader, they can interpret the cards with their own guidance and intuition.

Taking it Further

Once the Relationship Spread has been done, it’s important to further explore the messages and opportunities presented in the cards. If both individuals are comfortable, this can be done verbally between the two. Alternately, if advice or additional support is desired, it may be necessary to get an outside opinion or guidance from a tarot reader or relationship counselor.

Using the Relationship Spread as an avenue for understanding and communication, both partners can move forward towards a deeper and more conscious understanding of each other.
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By understanding the dynamics at play, both partners can begin to build a healthier dynamic between them that goes far beyond the surface level. The Relationship Spread in Tarot encourages conversation, compassion, and understanding that will lay the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

What is the difference between the Relationship Spread and the Celtic Cross Spread in Tarot?

The Relationship Spread is a Tarot spread designed to explore relationship dynamics and provide insight into the spiritual connection between two people. It focuses on intuitive analysis and intuition. It comprises seven cards: two indicating the relationship between two parties, four to explore communication dynamics, and one to provide closure and insight.

The Celtic Cross Spread is one of the oldest and most popular Tarot spreads. It is a ten-card spread intended to provide insight into current situations. It is traditionally used to explore aspects of a client’s life such as health, work, spiritual guidance, and relationships. The Celtic Cross has been found to be extremely useful in a variety of settings including relationship readings, career questions, and spiritual insights.