Unlocking His Feelings: The ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread

Understanding His Feelings: Unlocking Deeper Insight with the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread

Love is a force of nature and for many, a source of both joy and anxiety. If you’re not sure what another person feels for you, the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread is a powerful tool for unlocking the wisdom of the universe and revealing insight into someone’s true feelings.

The ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread is designed to answer one simple yet essential question: “What does he really feel for me?” As you lay out and interpret the spread, you’ll be able to get a deep understanding of his feelings and intentions—and for yourself, gain greater clarity on how to move forward with ease. This spread is great for those navigating new relationships, as well as those looking to bring more passion and harmony back into long-term relationships.

How to Perform the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread

The spread can be performed with a Standard Tarot Deck and the steps are simple. First, sit down with the deck in a comfortable position, clear your mind, and prepare to ask your specific question. Once you’ve set the intention, begin to shuffle the cards and draw the cards in position according to the layout below.

The Layout of the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread

• Card One: This card represents his feelings for you.
• Card Two: This card reveals obstacles in the relationship.
• Card Three: This card stands for how you feel about him.
• Card Four: This card indicates the upcoming outcome of your relationship.

Interpreting the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread

Card One: The first card in the spread will provide direct insight into his feelings for you. While the card could indicate a simple emotion like love, it could also symbolize compassion, admiration, or sympathy.

Card Two:The second card in the spread will focus on any obstacles that may stand in the way of a harmonious relationship. When interpreting this card, pay attention to whichever negative energies are coming up so you can work to resolve them.

Card Three: This third card will tell you what he sees you as—from a deeply loving partner to a trusted confidante.

Card Four:This final card will offer important insight about the outcome of your relationship. For example, if the card symbolizes abundance, you can expect your union to continue to be fruitful and prosperous.

The Benefits of Doing the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread

• Revealing how he really feels for you
• Gaining deeper insight on how to improve your relationship
• Learning which spheres of love and harmony you’ll be able to flourish in
• Getting a glimpse into the future outcome of your union

By leveraging the power of the Tarot, the ‘What Does He Feel for Me” Tarot spread makes it possible to unlock truths and gain the clarity necessary for taking your relationship to the next level.
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What steps should be followed when performing the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread?

1. Gather the necessary tarot cards – This spread requires 7 tarot cards.

2. Prepare the tarot spread – Place the 7 tarot cards face down in a straight line. This is known as the Layout.

3. Focus on the question – Take a few moments to connect with the cards and focus on your question.

4. Cut the deck – Cut the deck of tarot cards to shuffle them before turning them over. You can cut them anywhere in the deck.

5. Turnover the first card – Turnover the first card and examine the meaning associated with it.

6. Move to the next card – Turnover the second card and repeat the same steps as the first.

7. Repeat the steps – Continue to turnover and interpret the remaining cards one-by-one.

8. Summarize the reading – Once all the cards have been turned over, summarize your findings and reflect on the cards’ meanings. This will give you an indication of what he feels for you.

How does the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread help to reveal hidden emotions?

The ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot spread is a unique spread for people who are looking to answer questions about a romantic relationship. The spread dives deep into the emotional depths to reveal hidden feelings and intentions from both parties. It aids in understanding whether the emotions being expressed are based on truth or insecurity. Cards located in the overall understanding section help to show the relationship’s purpose – whether it is meant to stand the test of time or to give comfort and healing during a tough situation. The spread can act as a powerful tool in helping to gain clarity of the emotional states within a relationship.

How can the results of the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread be used to better understand feelings?

The ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Tarot Spread is a powerful tool for understanding a person’s emotional relationship with another person. By carefully studying the cards and their positions, it can provide insight into the emotional and energetic connection between two people. Each card in the spread is interpreted differently and can provide insights into both positive and negative aspects of the relationship. For example, positive cards indicate that the relationship is strong and supportive, while negative cards may indicate potential areas of discord. Additionally, looking at the positions of the cards reveals how the relationship is likely to evolve. Being aware of these possibilities can help couples to provide each other with the support and understanding that is needed to create a successful and fulfilling relationship.

What types of tarot cards are used in the ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Spread?

The ‘What Does He Feel for Me’ Spread consists of three tarot cards—the first two are the Six of Pentacles and the Eight of Cups, and the third is an optional card that can be chosen from any suit. The Six of Pentacles represents the range of emotions the querant is currently feeling. The Eight of Cups shows how the emotions have progressed and evolved over time, and the optional card provides a glimpse of how the relationship will play out in the future. This spread is a great way to understand and interpret the emotional landscape of a relationship, and to discover how it might unfold in the future.

What are the different steps in the “What Does He Feel for Me” Tarot Spread?

1. Understanding the Question: Take time to understand the underlying nature of the question and the desired outcome.

2. Drawing the Cards: Shuffle and cut the cards as you focus on the question and draw the cards in the designated order.

3. Interpreting the Spread: Interpret each card of the Tarot spread in its various positions to gain insight into the situation.

4. Bringing the Spread Together: After each card of the Tarot spread has been interpreted and analyzed, it is time to bring together the entire picture to gain a deeper understanding of what does he feel for you?

5. Taking Action: Armed with the insight you have gained from the Tarot spread, it is time to decide what action steps you will take after analyzing the results of the spread.