Unlock the Secrets of Leo: Explore Your Fate with Leo Tarot


Are you looking to explore your destiny with the help of tarot cards? Then Leo Tarot could be your answer. Tarot cards have been used for centuries to unlock the secrets of destiny and fate. The Leo Tarot is no different in its ability to help you divine your fate. Read on to discover more.

What is Leo Tarot?

The Leo Tarot is one of the oldest tarot decks in existence, dating back to the 15th century. The deck is also known as The Tarot of Marseilles, as it was originally designed to be used by nobility in France. Its 22 major arcana cards are based on the four suits of the Tarot – cups, wands, swords, and pentacles – and are used to give insight into the future. The deck consists of 78 cards, all of which are based on the symbolism of ancient cultures.

How to Use Leo Tarot

The Leo Tarot cards can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for general readings, to gain insight into a particular situation, or to explore the deeper meaning of any given situation.

To begin using the deck, you will need to familiarize yourself with the imagery of the cards and its symbolism. Once you understand the meaning behind the symbols, you can begin to ask specific questions and then focus on the card(s) that answer the question.

Interpreting the Cards

Interpreting the Leo Tarot requires a knowledge of symbolism and an intuitive understanding of the cards. Each card has its own unique meaning and must be interpreted in context. For example, a card that symbolizes a positive outcome in a particular situation could represent a shift in attitude, or be viewed as confirmation that the course of action is correct.

Learning to interpret the cards can be a bit of a challenge, but with practice and patience, it can become easier. To gain insight into a situation, you can focus on the card that has been drawn and gain insight into what the future holds.

Communicating with the Cards

When using the Leo Tarot, you may want to “communicate” with the cards on a deeper level. This involves asking questions of the cards and allowing them to reveal the answers. It is important to remain open-minded and compassionate when seeking advice from the cards and be prepared to be surprised at how accurate the answers may be.


The Leo Tarot can be an effective tool for unlocking the secrets of destiny and fate. With its ancient symbolism and intuitive understanding, this deck of cards can be used to gain insight into any given situation and answer questions about the future.

Whether you are just starting to explore the power of tarot or you are an experienced reader, the Leo Tarot is sure to be insightful and provide you with the guidance you need.

What are the benefits of using Leo tarot readings?

1. Provide Insight and Clarity: A Leo tarot reading will assist in understanding complex patterns of thinking and can help to gain clarity in decision making.

2. Encourage Self-Awareness: The tarot encourages self-awareness and encourages us to think deeply about our choices and actions.

3. Release Negative Energy: Tarot readings will help people to identify and release negative energy and build up positive energy in its place.

4. Enhance Intuition: Tarot helps to develop the intuition of self and others by being aware of the symbolism contained within each card.

5. Connect with the Universe: Tarot readings can help connect us with our subconscious and divine energies, allowing us to tap into deeper wisdom and gain insights.

What tarot decks are used in Leo tarot readings?

There are many different tarot decks that can be used for Leo tarot readings, from traditional decks such as the Rider-Waite tarot to more modern decks such as the Hanson-Roberts tarot. Other popular tarot decks used for Leo readings include the Golden Tarot of Klimt, the Aquatic Tarot, and The Dragon Tarot.

What are the four tarot suits used in Leo tarot readings?

1. Wands

2. Swords

3. Cups

4. Pentacles