The Tarot TikTok Trend: Understanding the Fascination with Tarot Card Readings

The Tarot TikTok Trend: Understanding the Fascination with Tarot Card Readings

Exploring Tarot Card Readings on TikTok

TikTok, the social media platform of choice for Generation Z, has recently been dominated by users sharing tarot card readings. People of all ages are participating in this trend, as tarot card readings and other forms of divination provide a sense of security and comfort in our increasingly unpredictable world. This article examines the recent fascination with tarot card readings on the popular app TikTok, exploring the various ways in which users are engaging with tarot cards, as well as what these readings may signify for the generation currently dominating the platform.

What Is Tarot?

Tarot card readings originated centuries ago, as popular forms of divination used to seek insight into various aspects of life. Tarot cards are used as a tool for reflection and spiritual guidance, and each card is associated with different energy, symbols, and messages. Tarot deck usually consist of 78 cards: 22 major arcana cards, representing grand journeys and major life changes, and 56 minor arcana cards, often representing more mundane events or personal changes.

Tarot cards are often used to reflect on questions or future possibilities. Tarot card readers use the cards to assess their current situation, as well as potential things they can do to reach their desired outcome.

The Tarot TikTok Trend

As the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in so many ways, people around the world have turned to TikTok to stay connected and entertained. This has resulted in an unprecedented surge in popularity for the social media platform, particularly among young people.

Given this increased interest, it’s no surprise that TikTok users have begun turning to tarot card readings for a greater sense of comfort and understanding during this difficult period. Tarot cards offer a curious lens through which to view the uncertainty of the world around us, and users are turning to tarot readings to gain insight into their own lives, explore potential futures, and find some solace in amongst the chaos.

Types of Tarot Readings on TikTok

TikTokers are engaging with tarot card readings in various ways. Some users are seeking advice on specific problems or issues, making use of tarot cards to gain insight into their current situation. Others are simply exploring questions of curiosity, such as ‘what will the rest of 2021 bring?’ or ‘what can I do to make my dreams come true?’.

Many users are opting for the ‘FlashTrend’ challenge, which involves the user asking the cards a specific question, picking out three cards at random, and then interpreting the message of the cards based on their own understanding. Other users are doing ‘loose readings’, where they’ll pick out multiple cards and expand on their general meaning, rather than making a specific inquiry.

The Appeal of Tarot Card Readings

It’s easy to see why tarot readings have become so popular on TikTok, particularly among Generation Z. Given the instability of the current political and environmental climate, many young people feel a greater need for guidance and clarity than ever before. Tarot cards offer a secular and tangible way to gain insight into our lives, and many users have found comfort in their readings.

Furthermore, tarot card readings allow users to exercise their creative and interpretive abilities, whether that’s through interpreting the cards’ meanings or through creating a visually appealing video for their followers. The limited nature of many readings keeps things open-ended and allows for creativity, providing users with an opportunity to explore possible futures and outcomes in a way that isn’t overly restrictive.

What Do Tarot Readings Say About Generation Z?

The newfound fascination with tarot readings on TikTok certainly reveals much about the attitudes and values of the generation currently dominating the platform. Generation Z is often labelled as being ‘more spiritual’ than previous generations, and the increasing interest in tarot card readings appears to back this up.

Additionally, the trend speaks to the increasing uncertainty and complexity of the world we live in, and the need for young people to find a way to make sense of it. Tarot readings provide a form of escapism and offer a glimpse of potential futures, offering a way for Generation Z to actively tackle the challenges they face.

Accessibility of Tarot Card Readings

Another major drawcard of engaging with tarot readings on TikTok is their accessibility. Although professional tarot readers have been around for centuries, the current trend brings tarot readings to the masses and allows for many people to gain insight into their lives without necessarily having to seek out a professional. Moreover, many of the newer TikTok trends related to tarot readings provide users with a way to begin exploring tarot cards without necessarily having to buy a full deck.


The tarot card readings trend on TikTok speaks to Gen Z’s need for guidance and clarity in a turbulent time. The increase in tarot readings on the platform not only reveals how Generation Z values spiritual guidance, but also demonstrates the steps they’re taking to make sense of their lives. Furthermore, the trend’s accessibility makes it an attractive option when compared with professional tarot readings, allowing many users to access this form of divination without necessarily having to seek out a professional. Tarot card readings may not hold all the answers, but they certainly provide comfort and insight to many users during this difficult time.