The Tarot and the Archangels: How to Use the Cards to Call on Divine Protection

Using Tarot and Archangels to Find Divine Protection

Combining tarot and archangels allows you to find guidance and support to move through difficult times in life. When you draw an angelic tarot card, you’re calling on the power and wisdom of an archangel to help provide insight and protection.

The archangels are a powerful source of spiritual comfort and guidance. They can work together with the tarot to help you access the divine energy you need to move through life. Here’s how to use tarot cards to call on archangels for protection.

Understand the Relationship Between Tarot and Archangels

Tarot and archangels have a long-standing relationship that dates back hundreds of years. The two complement each other, providing two key sources of divine protection and insight. The tarot can provide guidance and encourage breakthroughs in hard times, while archangels provide the necessary spiritual strength and support to move through difficult moments and onto a better path.

By understanding the relationship between tarot and archangels, you can get the most out of your tarot readings and use the cards for protection in hard times.

Find the Archangel Who is Right for You

When requesting guidance from archangels, its important to find the one who is right for you. While each archangel has a specific role, they all have a different personality and can give you different kinds of guidance.

For instance, if you’re in need of clarity and inner strength, Archangel Michael might be the archangel you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you’re in need of understanding and healing, Archangel Raphael is the perfect choice. Once you’ve found the right archangel for you, you’re ready to use tarot to communicate with them.

Use Tarot Cards to Communicate With Archangels

Once you’ve identified the archangel you wish to work with, the next step is to use tarot cards to communicate with them. Before you begin, take a few moments to relax and connect to the angel’s presence. As the card is drawn, focus on your intention and on the angel’s guidance.

Study the card, and pay attention to how it speaks to you and how it connects you to the archangel. Take notes and jot down any insights or messages you receive from the angel. Through this practice, you’ll be able to build a powerful relationship with an archangel, allowing you to access their divine energies and protection when you need it most.

Find Divine Protection With Tarot and Archangels

By understanding the connection between tarot and archangels, you can use the power of the cards to communicate with angels for divine protection. With practice, you’ll be able to access the spiritual strength and wisdom of archangels whenever you need it, providing you with the clarity, courage and strength to move through hard times and onto brighter paths.

To get the most out of your tarot readings, follow these steps:

  • Understand the relationship between tarot and archangels
  • Find the archangel that’s right for you
  • Use tarot cards to communicate with archangels

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How do the cards of the Tarot relate to the angels of Divine protection?

The Tarot is believed by many to be a magical tool for exploring the subconscious mind, providing access to the collective wisdom of the Universe. Angels are also believed to be spiritual guides who offer guidance and protection as we navigate our personal journey. The cards of the Tarot can act as a bridge between the worlds of human experience and angelic wisdom, offering assistance to help us heal and manifest our desires in life. In this way, the cards of the Tarot can provide a doorway to angelic protection and guidance.

How does using Tarot cards for spiritual protection differ from other methods of prayer and protection?

Tarot cards can provide a more tangible way to access the spiritual world for protection than some other methods of prayer and protection. Tarot cards allow the user to actually focus their energies and intentions on a specific card, tapping into the universal archetypes and energies contained within it that can offer protection from negative influences. Additionally, when used in ritual and meditation, tarot cards can open up a connection to one’s higher self, deepening the spiritual protection available. This can be a more powerful tool for protection than simple prayer and other methods, as it is more focused and actively engages the user in the process.

What steps should be taken to interpret the messages of the Tarot when calling on Divine protection?

1. Set a clear intention for the reading. Acknowledge the Divine and invite protection and guidance from the perspective of whichever faith or spiritual path you follow.

2. Shuffle and lay out the cards in the desired spread.

3. Focus on the cards and ask the Divine to help you interpret the messages they carry.

4. Journal your thoughts, feelings, and insights that come up around the cards.

5. Ask yourself questions to help you further explore the meaning of the cards and their messages.

6. Connect to the deeper wisdom of each card and the underlying messages it conveys.

7. Use the insights gained to create positive and meaningful action steps that align with your intention.

8. Give thanks for the Divine guidance and protection you’ve received.

What specific archangels should be called upon for spiritual protection?

The three main archangels commonly called upon for spiritual protection are Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. They are seen as the ultimate protectors and bringers of light and are often associated with purity, healing, and divinity.

What is the difference between the tarot and the archangels?

The tarot is a set of seventy-eight cards used for spiritual, psychological, and esoteric practices. These cards include major and minor arcana to help guide a person through the interpretation of different symbols, energetics, and spiritual concepts.

The archangels are a set of seven angels from Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, including Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. These angels are believed to act as messengers of God and are seen as protectors and guides in spiritual matters.

What is the purpose of the tarot and archangels?

The tarot is a tool for exploring one’s life journey, gaining insight and understanding of self, and using the power of the cards to shape their reality. The Archangels are believed to be powerful, celestial beings that serve as intermediaries between God and humanity, providing guidance on our life paths. The purpose of working with tarot and archangels is to access divine wisdom and understanding to gain clarity and spiritual insight into one’s life, energy, and issues.