The Tarot and Shamanism: How to Use the Cards to Connect with the Spirit World

Shamanism and the Tarot: A Guide to Connection With the Otherworld

The Tarot and Shamanism have been closely intertwined for centuries. Ancient shamans used Tarot cards to connect with the spirit world to receive guidance, as well as to assist their patients through meditations, readings, and spiritual journeys. In modern times, Tarot and Shamanism remain closely linked, allowing individuals to gain insights into the spirit realm.

History of Tarot and Shamanism

Tarot has its origins in the ancient Egyptian, Kabbalistic, and Hermetic traditions. The images, sigils, and symbols contained within the cards were used by shamans and mystics to construct elaborate symbolic systems of connection with the Otherworld. This system of correspondences helped shamans to receive messages from the Otherworld.

Shamans also used Tarot cards to induce trance states during their spiritual journeys. By focusing on the symbolic imagery contained in the cards, shamans were able to access alternate realities and obtain guidance from those realms.

Using Tarot for Connection with the Spirit World

Tarot is a powerful tool for connecting with the Spirit World. By focusing on the symbolic imagery contained within the cards, individuals can access alternate realities and receive spiritual guidance from beyond.

Here are some ways to use the Tarot to connect with the Spirit World:

  • Shamanic Journey: Use the Tarot as a focal point for a shamanic journey. Select a card, visualize the image, and allow yourself to travel to the spirit world that card represents. Ask any questions you have, or simply observe and take note of any messages you receive.
  • Meditation: A meditation with Tarot cards can be a powerful tool for connecting with the Otherworld. Select a card and focus on the imagery and symbols it contains. Concentrate on the energies associated with the card and allow yourself to drift into a trance state.
  • Readings: Tarot readings can be used to gain insights into the spiritual world. Select a card and allow yourself to connect with the energies and messages associated with it. As you focus on the card, you may receive information from the Otherworld.


Tarot and Shamanism have been closely linked for centuries. By utilizing the symbolic imagery contained in Tarot cards, individuals can access the spirit world and receive spiritual guidance, wisdom, and insights. Thus, by combining the ancient art of Tarot with the ancient practice of Shamanism, modern-day individuals can experience a profound connection with the Otherworld.
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What is the basic connection between tarot and shamanism?

Tarot has strong roots in shamanistic ritual and practice. It is believed that the images and symbols on tarot cards are visually associated with shamans who, through their spiritual and energetic connection to the land and sky, held the power to bridge the Earthly and Divine realms. A shaman can use the deck of tarot cards to tap into and communicate with the spiritual, emotional, and energetic forces at work in their life, and sometimes even in the lives of others. In some ways, the tarot cards can be seen as visible symbols of the vast spiritual and energetic forces at work in existence.

What practices should be avoided when utilizing tarot cards in a shamanic or spiritual context?

Some common practices to avoid when utilizing tarot cards in a shamanic or spiritual context are:

-Consulting the cards on any topics related to fertility, health, pregnancy, and death.

-Using the cards for predicting the future.

-Using the cards for the sole purpose of decision-making without engaging the interpretive artistry of the divination practice.

-Assigning definitive meanings and ignoring the interpretive elements of the practice.

-Assuming the deck is always right or infallible.

-Using the cards to test fate, control or manipulate others, or interfere with free will.

-Using the cards to make definitive judgement on others.

-Reading the cards in too literal a manner and not allowing for symbolism and interpretation.

-Rejecting evidence that does not fit the interpretation.

-Using the cards for just entertainment or gambling.

-Taking the cards too seriously and not having fun when practicing divination.

How can a reader utilize the tarot to facilitate spiritual communication?

Using tarot cards can help a reader to access spiritual guidance and intuition. When correctly used, tarot cards can be used as an aid in communication between the reader and the higher realms of spirit. This can be done through asking questions and allowing the Tarot cards to provide answers or by interpreting the symbolism and imagery of the cards present in a Tarot spread. By interpreting the cards in a reading, the reader gains access to greater understanding and insight from the spiritual realm. Additionally, tarot can be used as a form of divination, providing insight into the reader’s current circumstances and probable future outcomes.

How does tarot offer workable methods for connecting with the spirit world?

Tarot offers powerful and effective methods for connecting with the spirit world by providing a spiritual and emotional context, and application of its symbolism in the interpretation of cards. Tarot readings can help to uncover spiritual meaning within a situation and to gain insight into the underlying truth of any particular inquiry. Tarot can also be used to consult the spirits and the spiritual realm, with the cards providing a bridge between our physical world and the spiritual one. By reflecting on the wisdom associated with each card, one can gain a better understanding of the divine forces at work within his/her life, and learn how to create positive changes from the spiritual to the physical reality.

What does tarot card reading involve?

Tarot card reading involves a person known as a Tarot reader laying out a set of Tarot cards, shuffling them, and ultimately laying them out in a spread pattern. This spread is used to provide guidance and help the person understand their past, present, and future. The Tarot reader will then use the cards in the spread to provide insight and advice on the person’s life. The Tarot reader may ask the person specific questions or give general statements that the person can explore in further depth. As the Tarot reader interprets the cards contained in the spread, they will use the symbols and images contained within the cards to guide the person towards a more enlightened and intuitive form of understanding. Ultimately, a Tarot reading will help the person gain a better and more balanced understanding of the spiritual world.