The Secret Realm: Delving into the World of Secret Tarot


The Tarot has had a mysterious allure to many people throughout the centuries. It has been used for divination, self-reflection, and gaining insight into unknown situations. While most people know of the Major and Minor Arcana, there is a lesser-known world within the tarot: the Secret Realm. Here, we will explore what lies within the Secret Realm and how this knowledge can be used to better understand our journey.

The World of the Secret Realm

The Secret Realm is an inner realm of the tarot that many tarot readers don’t often venture into. It contains hidden knowledge, unlocked only by those brave enough to explore it. In this world, one can find cards that represent higher lessons, bigger questions, and deeper truths than what is typically seen in the Minor and Major Arcana.

The cards found in the Secret Realm can seem strange, even alien. This is because they each offer a unique perspective on various aspects of our lives. They may not be comfortable to look at or grasp, but they are highly illuminating. These cards can provide us with insight on how to find our true purpose, reveal hidden aspects of our personality, or help us uncover our deepest desires.

Using the Secret Realm for Spiritual Guidance

When used alongside traditional tarot readings, the cards from the Secret Realm can provide an additional layer of insight into our journey. By deepening our understanding of the cards and symbols, we can gain a better comprehension of ourselves and our paths in life.

The Secret Realm is a great tool for spiritual guidance. While traditional tarot readings are focused on giving us answers to our questions, the cards from the Secret Realm can help us gain an understanding of the greater picture. They can provide insight into our motivations, dreams, and patterns of thought — all of which can lead us to a deeper understanding of our spiritual paths.

Exploring the Secret Realm Through Meditation

Once one develops an understanding of the cards and symbols from the Secret Realm, it is possible to explore them further through meditation or contemplation. When meditating with tarot cards, we can enter a trance-like state and allow the symbols and images to guide us towards inner understanding and wisdom.

Meditating with the cards from the Secret Realm can enable us to explore ideas and possibilities that we never otherwise would have encountered. It can help us to identify patterns and gain insight into our lives in powerful ways. We can then use this knowledge to make decisions, gain clarity, understand ourselves better, and deepen our spiritual practices.


The Secret Realm of Tarot can be a powerful tool for self-development and spiritual growth. By uncovering the hidden knowledge within these cards, we can gain valuable insight that can be used to enhance our spiritual journey. Through meditation and contemplation, we can unlock these cards’ secrets and use them to further explore our inner depths and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.
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What are the different types of tarot cards used in the Secret Realm?

1. Major Arcana: These cards represent the core archetypes of life, depicting major life milestones and challenges.

2. Minor Arcana: These cards are divided into four suits (Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles), each one having its own characteristics and spiritual correspondences.

3. Court Cards: These cards depict characters or archetypes with personalities and trappings related to their suit.

4. Minor Backs: These cards represent the darker side of theMinor Arcana and the shadow aspects of humanity.

5. Shadow Cards: These are spiritual and psychological cards, dealing with our hidden motivations and hopes.

6. Oracle Cards: These are prophetic or wish-granting cards that offer advice and guidance.

What is the meaning behind the various tarot cards used in the Secret Realm?

The cards used in the Secret Realm are designed to uncover the hidden mysteries of life through a combination of symbols, archetypes, and stories. The images on the cards represent a wide range of emotions, concepts, and ideas related to different aspects of being human. Each card has a unique meaning and interpretation that can offer insight into an individual’s current life experience, as well as guiding them to a deeper understanding of their destiny. By using the tarot cards to explore the secrets held within the universe, one can truly get to know themselves on a much deeper level. By exploring the different aspects of the tarot, one can gain a greater insight into the mysteries of life.