The Mystic Moon: Exploring the Moon Card Tarot

Understanding the Moon Card in Tarot

The Moon card in tarot is a card of mystery and illusion. It represents duality, intuition, and the subconscious. It’s a card of emotional depths, hidden meaning, and mystery. The Moon card is associated with dreams, the spiritual realm, and psychism.

Symbolism of the Moon Card

The most common symbol found on the Moon card is a full moon. This symbolizes intuition, our innermost feelings, and the psychic realm. Other symbols associated with the Moon card include the Sphinx, animals connected to the moon such as wolves and the owl, and the colors of white and silver.

Interpreting the Moon Card

When the Moon card is drawn it generally indicates a need to explore the self. It is a sign that it’s time to look inward and examine the depths of our inner self. This may mean connecting with our dreams or paying attention to our intuition. It can also symbolize the need to face our inner fears and find solutions to the hidden mysteries of our mind.

The Moon card can also signify a need to be aware of our emotions. When this card appears it can signify that it’s time to be conscious of how our emotions affect our actions and decisions. It can also signify a need to remain mindful of our dreams and use them as a tool to better understand ourselves.


The Moon card in Tarot is a card of mystery and insight. It’s a card that symbolizes duality, intuition, the subconscious, and emotional depths. When this card appears in a reading it can signify a need to explore the self and pay attention to the feelings and messages the subconscious offers. It’s also a reminder to be aware of our emotions and use our dreams to better understand ourselves.
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What is the Moon card’s symbolism in tarot?

The Moon card in tarot is associated with intuition, psychic energy, hidden depths, and the subconscious. It symbolizes introspection, a new understanding, and potential new beginnings. It may also represent deception, fear, illusions, and confusion. Generally, the Moon card suggests exploration of the inner self, for a better understanding of feelings and emotions, dreams, and intuition.

What does the Moon card represent in tarot readings?

The Moon card represents illusions, unreality, deception, mystery, and confusion. It also symbolizes fear, hidden agendas, secrets, and inner struggles that frustrate one’s progress. It can also signify the beginning of a new phase.