The Magic of Life: Using Tarot to Discover When Love Will Come

The Magic of Life: Using Tarot to Discover When Love Will Come


Many of us have likely heard of Tarot at some point in our lives, but do we really understand how it works and the potential it holds when it comes to defining our romantic destiny? The Tarot is often associated with benign crystal ball gazing and its predictions of the future ignored as mere superstition, however its application goes much deeper than most people realise. This potential is what we refer to when we talk about the “magic” of Tarot.

For those of us seeking answers whether someone special is in our future or when the right time might be to begin a new relationship, a powerful tool such as Tarot can make it easier to look within and discover what the stars might have in store. Using Tarot to explore love has a deep spiritual relationship, so let’s delve into how we can uncover love through card readings.

What is Tarot?

To some, Tarot is connected with ancient witchcraft, but in all its forms, it is based on the power of intuition, a tool used to reveal unknown passages and paths of life, while providing guidance and advice. The intrigue of Tarot lies in the fact that it is a set of symbols and meanings which are interpreted in different ways. It is an art, a science, and most importantly, it is incredibly personal.

Tarot can be broken down into two essential parts; the cards and the knowledge. The cards are believed to have evolved from a common deck of playing cards, known as a Tarocchini, which is still popular today. Through careful study and experimentation, these cards were given a spiritual edge, combining secular elements with divine meaning. This gave rise to what we now know as the modern Tarot Deck, where each card has its own symbolism and meaning.

The Tarot and Love

The Tarot and its symbolism of the Universe can be used to inform the decisions and understand the unfolding of our love life. By familiarising ourselves with the cards, we can learn about the messages that are hidden and waiting for us to discover them. To do this, we must view the cards in their original context. The Tarot has been around for centuries, and its original use was to explore esoteric and spiritual mysteries, of which love is an integral part.

If we focus on the structure of the Tarot, we can begin to piece together a picture of the different aspects of love and explore how they can manifest in our lives. To do this, there are three main areas of the Tarot that can reveal a great deal about our current and future romantic prospects; the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards.

The Major Arcana

The very first thing we need to understand when exploring the Tarot is that it is made up of two separate decks – the Major and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana is the oldest and richest of the decks, and its 22 cards are steeped in esoteric symbolism. Each card carries its own meaning, and when these are combined, we can gain insight into the nature of our romantic destiny.

The archetypes present in the Major Arcana represent the larger cycles and dynamics of life, whereas the court cards represent individual personalities and qualities. By analysing the cards in relation to each other, Tarot readers are able to unearth hidden truths about their clients’ lives.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana is the second part of the Tarot, made up of 56 cards which are more focused on everyday life. Like the Major Arcana, each card holds a special message and when used in combination with the other cards, they can provide valuable information about the past, present and future.

The Minor Arcana Suit of Cups is generally associated with the romantic themes of love and attachments. These cards represent the emotions and feelings surrounding our relationships, and when looking at this suit in a Tarot spread, it can often reveal hidden problems that maybe blocking us from finding love. Also, if one of these cards appears reversed in relation to a card from the Major Arcana, it can indicate a possible disruption or betrayal in the future.

The Court Cards

The Court Cards are the most personal and detailed cards in the Tarot deck, as they are believed to represent a specific person or group of people rather than simply describing a situation. This makes them a great tool for uncovering the innermost feelings of our love life and giving us insights into how they may shape our relationships in the future.

The Swords court cards are particularly helpful when exploring our romantic potential, as they can show the negative aspects of our relationships. In addition, the court cards from the suit of Pentacles can provide insight into our financial status, as this area of life is often linked to our capacity for love.

How to Read Your Tarot Cards

With the Tarot deck laid out in front of you, you can start to interpret its hidden messages. To do this, it’s important to pay attention to the card combinations and the type of cards that come up in your reading, as this helps identify the underlying themes. When reading the cards, focus on the images they portray and how they might relate to our current romantic life.

It’s helpful to take note of card combinations and their possible meanings, as this can give us greater insight into our own energy and the kinds of relationships we want to form. If a certain card combination appears more than once in a spread, this can indicate an upcoming change.


Once you become familiar with the basics of Tarot, it can become a powerful tool to reveal the secrets of your love life. Armed with the knowledge of the card meanings and interpretations, you can unravel the mysteries of when and where your love life could take you. Not only can the Tarot tell us about our potential romantic partnerships, but it can also help us gain insight into our own issues, strengths, and opportunities in order to have a successful relationship.

The Tarot has a unique ability to delve into the emotional and spiritual aspects of life and its potential should never be underestimated. With careful guidance and knowledge, you can use the cards to uncover the “magic” of your love life, revealing when and how true love will come.