The Advice Position in Tarot: How to Use It for Deeper Insight

Overview of the Advice Position in Tarot

Tarot is an ancient form of divination, consisting of a deck of 78 cards. Each card has a specific meaning and significance, and certain spreads are used to interpret a querent’s current situation, past, present and future. Among the various tarot card spreads, the Advice Position is one which can be used to delve deeper into the querent’s given situation.

The use of tarot is mainly as a technique to answer questions, as well as understand the context of a querent’s journey. In the Advice Position, the querent would draw an additional card from the deck known as the Advice card, the ‘X’ card, or the Significator. Its significance to the reading rests in the ability for it to provide an unexpected but helpful insight into the querent’s situation at hand.

Function of the Advice Position in Tarot

The Advice card gives clarity to a querent and can be used as a tool to focus their energy if they feel lost and unsure. The Advice Position helps querents better understand their own emotions and the emotions of those involved in their situation, as well as providing clarity on the matters of the heart.

The card is meant to act as guidance instead of a prediction, of what should be done to improve the outcome of a situation. The Advice card should be drawn in consideration with the rest of the tarot spread and should provide illumination or an ‘a-ha’ moment for the querent.

Interpretation of the Advice Card

The tarot advice card should always be interpreted as a positive message and should not be used in place of more traditional therapies. A tarot reader should guide the querent to interpret the card as related to their particular situation.

When interpreting the card, it may be helpful to look at the querent’s needs and how the advice can fulfill it. The card should be interpreted as practical and concrete advice, such as activity that can be done to bringing change to the given situation. This can include actionable items like making decisions, achieving goals, and finding the courage to make a move.

Meaning of the Advice Card

The advice card is not a prediction, but instead provides insights and direction. The card can provide tangible guidance, such as indicating that a breakup may be the solution or that a visible action may be beneficial. Its aim is to provide a reminder to a querent that their actions can warrant a positive outcome.

The advice card should not be taken as a command, but instead as a reminder that the querent is actually in charge of the outcome of their situation. Even if the solution is not obvious at the time, the querent should feel empowered to take action and make better choices.


The Advice Position in tarot is an additional card drawn from the deck with the purpose of providing clarity and guidance to a querent. It serves as an ‘a-ha’ moment, helping to focus the querent’s energy so they can make decisions and take action. The advice card should be interpreted positively and may involve tangible action, additional research, or an understanding of how emotions affect a given situation. As such, the tarot advice card may be an invaluable tool in helping querents recognise the power of their own choices, as well as understanding their emotions in a situation.
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What are the benefits of using the Advice Position in Tarot readings?

1. The Advice Position in Tarot readings gives the querant a focused and tailored action plan to move their situation forward.

2. It is a great way to provide a practical interpretation of a card’s message. It provides tangible steps that the querent can use to manifest the energy of the cards.

3. The Advice Position can help the reader to see different aspects of a situation or challenge that may have not been previously noticed, making it a powerful tool for personal growth.

4. The Advice Position encourages the reader to become more creative and innovative while trying to determine just the right method of action to make the best of a challenging situation.

5. It adds a sense of urgency and focus to the reading, providing a starting point on the path to resolution.

What is the significance of the Advice Position in Tarot readings?

The Advice Position in a Tarot reading has a very important meaning. It provides insight on how the querent can best move forward in response to the information they’ve received in their reading. It suggests the necessary steps to take or the attitude to have to address the circumstances. In essence, it is the focal point of the reading, the energetic instruction of what to do with the information revealed. It is a reminder that the querent has the power to take action and make change in their life.

What is the difference between the Advice Position and the Significator Card in Tarot readings?

The Advice Position card in Tarot readings is a card that gives advice or direction on how to overcome a situation or problem. The card provides insight and guidance on where to go from the current circumstances. The Significator Card, on the other hand, is a card that represents the questioner or person for whom the reading is made. This card is used to give a focus to the reading, to provide a representation of the seeker and to provide a point for all of the other cards in the reading to connect to.