Temperance Tarot Card Meaning: Balancing Harmony and Moderation

Introduction to the Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance tarot card is a card of balance and moderation. It is a highly symbolic card that suggests the need for one to be deliberate in finding balance in life. It highlights the importance of both external and internal harmony. Being in emotional balance is essential if we want to experience inner peace and calm.

Interpreting the Symbolism of the Temperance Card

The imagery of the card depicts an angel standing between two pools, one red and one white, representing the opposing elements of fire and water. The angel stands with one foot in each pool, symbolizing the need for one to be patient and even-minded while finding a way to balance their life force. The angel holds a chalice in their hand which collects the liquid from both pools, further emphasizing the idea of balance and moderation.

The number 14 of the card symbolizes the need for caution and prudence. It is an indication that the querent needs to be aware of their actions and think deeply before making any decisions.

Upright Reading of Temperance Card

When the Temperance card is drawn in an upright position, it means that the querent is using their skills of patience and mindful discernment to navigate their life. They are able to create balance between two opposing forces. This balanced state brings them calmness and clarity. It also allows them to remain steadfast in difficult situations while bringing them closer to their higher self.

The Temperance card is also a sign of luck and progress. It signifies that all obstacles in life will eventually be overcome. The querent is moving in the right direction and they will reap the rewards of their actions soon.

Reversed Reading of Temperance Card

When the Temperance card is drawn in a reversed position, it can signify disharmony and imbalance in the querent’s life. There is confusion and they are unable to find the right balance between their yin and yang energies. The querent is stuck in a rut and unable to move forward in life.

The Temperance card in the reversed position can also indicate that the querent is suffering from excessive impulses and is unwilling to exercise moderation in their life. They are unable to control their passions and impulses and this can lead to future frustrations if they don’t take steps to temper their behavior.


The Temperance tarot card has many layers of meaning and is a sign of balance and moderation. When it appears in a reading, it serves as an important reminder to the querent to find balance in their life and use mindful discernment as they move forward. The card can be either positive or negative depending on how it is drawn in the reading; however, it is always a sign that one must strive for balance in the face of all of life’s challenges.
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What symbol is associated with the Temperance Tarot card?

The Temperance Tarot card is typically depicted with the symbol of two interlocking crescent moons. This symbol is often referred to as the symbol of harmony and balanced energies, which is the core meaning of this card.

What did the original Tarot card depicting Temperance look like?

The original tarot card depicting Temperance looked like an angel standing with one foot in a body of water and the other on land. They would also be holding a cup or chalice in one hand and two containers in the other, pouring liquid between them. This card is meant to symbolize balance and moderation.