Tarot the Empress Meaning: Embracing Feminine Power and Abundance

Insight into the Tarot Card “The Empress”

The Empress tarot card is a symbol of feminine power and abundance. It is associated with the principles of motherhood, fertility, birds, goddesses, and the Earth. The Empress is also often represented by symbols of femininity such as a sphinx, a lioness, or a female figure veiled in white.

Significance of the Empress in Tarot

The Empress tarot card usually represents an important, powerful figure in one’s life — such as a mother, teacher,significant other, or mentor. She can offer guidance, protection, and approval — sometimes in the form of material blessings. The card can also represent a period of fertility or creativity within one’s life.

Empress Tarot Meaning – Embracing Feminine Power and Abundance

As a card of feminine power, the Empress encourages us to take time to honor and appreciate the women in our lives. The card also reminds us to appreciate and embrace our own feminine power and abundance. This card encourages us to be creative and inspired, to take pleasure in blissful moments, and to nurture growth.

Upright Meaning of The Empress in Tarot

When the Empress appears upright in a Tarot reading, it signifies that a time of great abundance is ahead. It also means that we have access to resources that can help us fulfill our dreams. The card encourages us to explore new ideas and to express our creativity. This can be a time to start a new business venture or to embark on a creative project.

Reversed Meaning of The Empress in Tarot

When the Empress appears reversed in a Tarot reading, it warns us that we are not taking advantage of available opportunities. We may be feeling emotionally drained, lacking in motivation, or faced with difficult obstacles that stand in the way of our goals. It may be time to re-examine our strategies and focus on how we can tap into our innermost strength and resources in order to succeed.


The Empress tarot card encourages us to embrace our creativity, nurture our passions, and to take advantage of the great abundance available to us. This card serves as a reminder that our feminine power and resources can help us to achieve great things — if we are willing to step into them.
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What does it mean when the Empress is reversed in a tarot reading?

When the Empress is reversed in a tarot reading, it reflects feelings of disconnection from the feminine energies that the Empress card tends to represent. It can indicate a need to reestablish harmony and balance in the areas of self-care, emotions, nurturing, creativity, and other feminine qualities. It may be a symbol of stagnation, neglecting responsibility, or a lack of proper self-care. It could also represent feeling blocked creatively, overwhelmed, or overwhelmed and drained emotionally. In some cases, the reversed Empress could be indicative of feeling stuck or trapped in a certain situation.

What does it mean when the Empress card is in reverse in a tarot reading?

When the Empress card is in reverse position in a tarot reading, it can indicate a lack of focus, loss of creativity or self-confidence, feeling blocked or overlooked, and difficulty in managing resources. It could also represent neglect of duties or a lack of care. Additionally, the Empress reversed could symbolize feeling disconnected from your emotions and disconnected from your femininity.

What is the significance of the Empress tarot card in reverse?

When the Empress tarot card appears in reverse, it can represent feelings of infertility, hesitation, stagnation, and a lack of creativity or drive. It can also symbolize an inability to make decisions or to have control over one’s life. It could indicate a need to take time and assess which decisions are best for one’s individual life path. This card can be a sign to step back, get creative, and remember that life is full of possibilities.