Tarot Birth Card: Unveiling Your True Essence



Tarot birth cards provide insight into your life purpose, path and inner being. It is a divination tool that uses the symbolism, symbolism and imagery of the tarot deck to identify and reveal your true essence. By delving into the meanings of your tarot birth card, you can gain insight into your qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and the direction your life is headed.

What is Tarot Birth Card?

A Tarot birth card is an interpretation of a single card from a Tarot deck that relates to the individual—often in relation to their individualized birth date. This card is referred to as a “birth card” and is chosen by the individual based on the date they were born. It is believed that the card reflects the individual’s inner self, energies, and influences from their past, present and future.

How and why they are used

Tarot birth cards are used as a tool to gain insight into the individual’s life, as well as to provide guidance in decision-making, growth and self-discovery. They are used as a means to uncover the individual’s true essence and to uncover the energies and influences that may be at work, both from within the individual as well as from the outside world. It is important to note that tarot birth cards are not prophetic, and cannot be used to predict the future; instead, they should be used as a tool to gain insight and understand our own personal journey—past, present and future.

The Meaning of the Cards

Tarot birth cards have symbolic meanings in relation to the individual’s life. For example, the Sun card relates to joy, success and creativity; while the Moon card relates to emotions, intuition and changeability. There are different interpretations and meanings for the different tarot cards, and it is important to take into consideration the individual’s own personal experiences, history and energy when interpreting these cards.

Using Tarot Birth Cards

In order to get the most out of your tarot birth card readings, it is important to be open-minded and honest with yourself about your questions and intentions. Take some time to contemplate the meanings of your card and to consider how they relate to your circumstances and what you hope to gain from the reading. Tarot readings can be a powerful tool in understanding your true essence and uncovering the energies and influences that are at work in your life.


Tarot birth cards are an excellent way to gain insight into the energies and influences that shape our lives. By delving into the meanings of your tarot birth card, you can gain deeper insight into your true essence and discover how your life is being shaped. It is an excellent tool for self-understanding, growth and decision-making.
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What is the difference between the Tarot Birth Card and the Life Path number?

The Tarot Birth Card is a card that is associated with a person’s astrological birth chart and the life path number represents the journey a person takes during their lifetime. The Tarot Birth Card reveals the psychological and spiritual influences while the Life Path Number reveals the opportunities, strengths, and challenges the individual will encounter.

What is the Tarot Birth Card meaning?

The Tarot Birth Card is a method of looking at your life path through the symbolism of the tarot. It is based on the belief that each person is born into the universe with the energy of a specific tarot card. This card, or combination of cards, can help to define who we are, why we are here, and how we can use our natural strengths to reach goals and dreams. It is seen as an indicator of our life purpose and our destiny. There is no one definitive interpretation of a Tarot Birth Card; however, there are universal themes and energies associated with each card that can give insight into an individual’s true purpose.

What is the meaning of the tarot birth card calculator?

The tarot birth card calculator refers to a tool designed to determine which tarot card is associated with your birth date. The card is believed to represent an individual’s inner personality and the events of their life. Different tarot decks may give different interpretations of the same card, which can be used to gain further insight about an individual and their life’s journey.