Tarot Bad Bunny Lyrics: Decoding the Symbolism

Uncovering the Deeper Meaning of Tarot Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican superstar and Latin Grammy award-winning artist Bad Bunny is receiving praise for “Tarot”, his latest single from his fourth studio album YHLQMDLG. With its sensual and hypnotic beat and creative lyrics, the song has become an instant hit with fans.

A Playful, Mysterious Tale

The music video for the track shows Bad Bunny being played in a game of “Tarot” with a fortune teller. The song tells a story, that of a relationship that is mystically deep and passionate. Its lyrics leave room for interpretation, as many of Bad Bunny’s songs do.

What Lyrics Reveal

The meaning of the song can be inferred by paying close attention to the lyrics. The track begins with Bad Bunny introducing himself as both enamored and ridden with anxiety, describing his emotions as “a Tarot” (This refers to the Tarot card game that is featured prominently in the video).

Throughout the song, Bad Bunny speaks in Tarot and fortune teller metaphors that speak to the journey of the titular relationship. He sings “the love that comes and goes, the destiny that made us meet the cold and heartbreak that will test”. In line with this, the chorus repeats “Ay, ay, the goal was to love you in spite of the cards.” Both of these lyrics are references to the Tarot card game and are laden with complex metaphors of love and loss.

Symbolism in “Tarot”

Bad Bunny uses Tarot both as a metaphor in the lyrics and visually in the video to talk about the highs and lows of love. As demonstrated in the line “the tarot of the cards”, the singer seems to be implying that the course of his relationship is out of his hands. He is at the mercy of the cards and his ultimate fate is pre-determined by the cards he draws.

The music video cleverly combines symbolism with vivid imagery, as every card dealt in the video reveals a hidden message. The figures shown in the higher up cards, such as the Emperor, are shown to be indicative of powerful figures and imposing choices both in Bad Bunny’s relationship and in his own life.

Final Thoughts

The symbolism in Tarot Bad Bunny’s latest single is both complex and clever. His songwriting is undeniably captivating and allows listeners to find personal meaning in its metaphors. It’s no wonder why the song has become one of the most popular tracks in his discography and hopefully, the depths of its symbols will continue to be further explored.
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What symbolism does Tarot by Bad Bunny have?

The symbolism depicted in Bad Bunny’s Tarot music video is heavily influenced by the visuals of the tarot card deck. Bad Bunny draws from the symbolism of the Moon, The High Priestess, The Hermit, The Queen of Swords, and Death in his video in order to illustrate the dark and mysterious journey of his transformation. The moon represents the unknown, and the state of limbo that one must go through in order to gain enlightenment. The High Priestess symbolizes wisdom and is the keeper of secrets. The Hermit symbolizes introspection and humility. The Queen of swords represents willpower and strength. Lastly, the Death card symbolizes rebirth and transformation. Through the use of these symbols, Bad Bunny conveys the journey of transformation and growth that he is undertaking.

What inspired Bad Bunny’s Tarot artwork?

Bad Bunny’s Tarot artwork was inspired by the traditional art found in classic tarot cards, such as those used for fortune telling, as well as by the vibrant colors and surreal imagery found in Latin American culture. Bad Bunny’s unique take on the classic tarot imagery and symbolism has made his tarot cards some of the most recognizable and popular in the world. In the video, he used his interpretation of the tarot card visuals to create a dark, brooding atmosphere that conveys his personal struggle with transformation and growth.