Tarot and Music: Finding Inspiration and Creativity

Understanding the Relationship Between Tarot and Music

Tarot and music have long been connected with many people seeking insight and inspiration in both. Whether you are a musician, tarot reader, or simply a fan of either, understanding how tarot and music interact can be rewarding and enlightening.

How Tarot Uses Music

Tarot is a symbolic system that is designed to bring insight, creativity, and greater awareness into the life and situations of an individual. Music is one medium that can help a tarot reader gain insight into the symbolism, imagery, and messages the cards contain. Some tarot decks even have accompanying music or revolve around music motifs and themes.

How Music Uses Tarot

Our ears are attentive and can quickly pick up and detect messages and stories in the songs we hear. Music can also use tarot in this way. Songs powered by tarot and the imagery it evokes encourages us to think more deeply, look inward, and explore introspection. Musicians often draw upon tarot for creative inspiration and ideas, allowing the creative process to take on new and exciting directions.

Harnessing Insights From Tarot and Music Combined

While music is a strong and powerful transmitter of emotion and meaning, tarot adds another layer to this. When arranged together and combined, tarot and music can be a powerful tool in understanding our mental, emotional, and spiritual responses to certain frequencies. Thus, tarot and music can be used together as a creative journey that can enhance our perceptions and cultivate understanding.

Using Tarot and Music Together

There are many different ways to use tarot and music combined, here are a few of them:

  • Create Your Own Tarot and Music Deck: Take some of your favorite tarot cards and pair it with a song, lyrics, or musical motifs. Whenever you draw a tarot card, listen to the accompanying song to discover even more insight and meaning.
  • Write Your Own Music Inspired By Tarot: Pick a tarot card or spread and let its imagery and symbolism inspire what story you want to tell with your music. Then, play out the music and see what develops.
  • Use Music to Enhance Tarot Readings: When giving tarot readings, use certain music to set the ambiance and add a special touch of emotion to the reading.
  • Listen to Tarot-Inspired Music: There is already tons of music out there that is inspired by tarot and the world it symbolizes. Listen to it to discover new sounds and stories.

Tarot and music can be powerful tools when utilized together. It can open up doors to new insights and stories, while inspiring creativity and providing an enjoyable and stimulating experience. So, why not give it a try?
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How can tarot cards be used as inspiration for music composition?

Tarot cards can provide a variety of intangible themes which can be used as a basis for writing music. For example, certain tarot cards may evoke certain feelings and emotions which can be used to shape the sound, structure and tone of the composition. Additionally, tarot cards often contain symbols, images and words that can be used to create visual mental images or scenes which may spark creative ideas for melodies and harmonies. Finally, tarot cards may also lead to ideas for titles, lyrical themes and even song concepts that could work well for a particular piece of music being composed.

What type of music is best for creating a sacred space when doing tarot readings?

Different types of music can help to create a sacred space for tarot readings. Some popular choices are classical music, meditation music, and music specifically designed for tarot readings. It is important to find music that is calming and facilitates relaxation and focus.

What are common creative techniques used to combine tarot reading and music?

Some common creative techniques used to combine tarot reading and music include:

1. Selecting tarot cards that reflect the theme or energy of a specific song. This can be done by studying the lyrics of the song, the feeling it conveys, and the meaning of the individual tarot cards.

2. Creating custom tarot spreads to match the structure of a song. For example, a 3- and 9-card spread could be used to represent the verse and chorus of a song, with each card representing a concept or energy.

3. Writing or performing songs with tarot cards in mind. This can be done by using tarot cards as inspiration when creating the song, or by incorporating tarot cards or tarot themes into the lyrics.

4. Layering tarot readings and musical elements together. This could involve creating an immersive experience with music, tarot, visuals, ritual, and/or other elements.

5. Connecting tarot readings to musical ideas. This could be done by exploring interpretations of the tarot cards within the context of the music, such as considering how a card may reflect an artist’s current musical themes or the overall musical landscape.

6. Combining music and tarot readings for artistic performance. This could include both live and recorded performances, such as with a DJ spinning records with corresponding live tarot readings, or incorporating image and visual elements to create a multimedia performance piece.

What tarot deck works best when looking to incorporate music into tarot readings?

The Voyager Tarot Deck is a great choice for incorporating music into a reading. Created by musician and artist James Wanless, this deck was designed to help attune readers to their intuition and gain insight from the elements of the natural world. It contains 78 cards specifically designed to embody music, with each depicting a musical instrument or other musical symbol. Additionally, many cards come with their own musical accompaniment, allowing readers to bring music into their readings.

What are some examples of tarot cards that can be used to find musical inspiration?

1. The Star: This card symbolizes inspiration, hope, and optimism, which are all necessary to successfully create music.

2. The High Priestess: Signifying the search for knowledge, this card speaks to the need to tap into the creativity and explore different sources and avenues in search of what will most inspire.

3. The Hanged Man: This card speaks to the kind of surrender required to allow the creative process to unfold, releasing preconceived notions and being open to unexpected breakthroughs.

4. The Empress: Representing fertility and creativity, this card reminds us to be in alignment with our inner desires and resources including the magic of music that lies within us.

5. The Tower: Representing sudden change, this card encourages us to remain open and trusting even amidst moments of chaos and transition, embracing new ideas when they come to us.