Tarot and Feng Shui: How to Use the Cards and Chinese Philosophy Together

Tarot and Feng Shui: A Powerful Combination

The integration of Tarot and Feng Shui have long been used to create positive and transformational energy in a person’s life. Tarot is an ancient practice of divination and self-exploration, while Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that is centuries old, based on the belief of achieving harmony and balance within a space.

When Tarot and Feng Shui come together, beautiful, powerful and long-lasting changes can often occur. Here is an overview of how to use the tools of Tarot and Feng Shui to create a more harmonious outcome:

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readings involve using a set of cards (typically 78 cards) to investigate and explore the underlying energy or experiences of a person’s life. By looking at the symbolic images on the cards, and the divinatory meanings associated with them, a Tarot card reading can provide insight, warnings, and honest guidance.

Although Tarot card reading is an ancient practice that has been used as a form of counseling, self-discovery, and spiritual journey, it is also increasingly used in Feng Shui to explore and understand the energy of the home or workplace.

Feng Shui and Tarot Integration

When Tarot and Feng Shui are integrated and used together, it can create profound and transformational energy for the person’s entire life. By engaging with both practices, one can look at the aspects of the space, the person’s current needs, and their future growth potential.

Once the underlying energy of the space is identified, the Tarot cards can be used to understand and interpret the meaning of the energy and the changes that should take place to help in the restoration of balance. By combining Tarot and Feng Shui, both the intrinsic power of the Tarot as well as the structural energies of Feng Shui can be harnessed to create powerful transformations.

Using Tarot and Feng Shui Together

When using Tarot and Feng Shui together, it is important to begin by understanding the energy of the space. This can be done by using a few simple tools such as a compass, a pendulum, or the Bagua map. Once the energy of the space is identified, a set of Tarot cards can be used to explore and interpret the energies.

To gain insight into the current challenges and opportunities, various Tarot spreads can be used. One of the most effective Tarot spreads for using in Feng Shui practices is the Celtic Cross spread, which provides succinct and comprehensive information about the underlying energies.

Tips for Using Tarot and Feng Shui Together

  • Be open to the insights that come from Tarot card reading.
  • Start with a simple Tarot spread to assess the space and revealed any opportunities and challenges.
  • Pay attention to the symbols and imagery on the cards.
  • Take your time writing down and studying the meanings of the cards.
  • Look for possible solutions and positive ways to use the energy.
  • Conclude with a positive affirmation to integrate the insights effectively.

When used together, Tarot and Feng Shui can be a powerful combination for achieving balance and harmony in a person’s life. By becoming familiar with both of these practices, understanding the mysteries and the wisdom found within them, and using the tools effectively, it is possible to lead a more joyful, balanced and harmonious life.
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How does the usage of Tarot cards and Feng Shui differ from a strictly Western approach to Tarot reading?

The main differences between a Western approach to Tarot reading and a Tarot reading and Feng Shui approach lie in the focus and interpretation of the cards. In a Western approach, readers are mostly focused on the individual interpretations of the cards, while in a Feng Shui approach, the focus is on how the energy and energy flow of the entire environment can be affected by card placement and interpretation. Additionally, a Feng Shui approach looks more toward the practical, day-to-day applications of the cards, while a Western approach tends to be more focused on deeper and longer-term implications.

What kinds of spiritual insights can be gained by combining Tarot and Feng Shui?

Tarot and Feng Shui offer spiritual insights by creating a balance between the powers of the physical, mental, and emotional energy. Combining the two practices can reveal how energy flows in an individual’s environment and how the placement of various elements can enhance their lives. Tarot can reveal the hidden energies and perspectives present in a given person’s life, while Feng Shui can provide tangible ways to manage and manipulate these energies in physical space. Together, they can provide a powerful understanding of the spiritual energies present in individual spaces and how these energies interact with the individual’s life. By understanding and manipulating energy in line with Tarot and Feng Shui, many spiritual insights may be revealed that offer deeper understanding and insight on countless aspects of life.

What does Feng Shui add to the traditional Tarot practice?

Feng Shui adds an insight into the energy of any space or environment, which can be used to help interpret the Tarot cards and their meanings. Feng Shui can be used to help create a harmonious environment to perform a Tarot reading, as well as to uncover any negative energies that may be influencing the interpretation of any particular spread or card. Through Feng Shui, the practitioner is able to gain a better understanding of energy patterns and how this can affect the interpretations of the cards. Additionally, Feng Shui can be used to aid in making wise decisions when facing difficult decisions, as well as uncovering the causes of problems and what might be preventing the seeker from achieving their goals.

How does the use of symbols from Chinese philosophy affect the interpretation of Tarot cards?

The use of symbols from Chinese philosophy in Tarot cards can be used to create a deeper understanding and interpretation of the card’s meaning and message. Chinese philosophy contains a deep understanding of the Tao, Yin and Yang, and other metaphysical and spiritual ideas that can be applied to the interpretation of Tarot cards. This can give a greater understanding of what the Tarot card is trying to convey and can provide more insight into the basic principles of the card. Additionally, the symbols from Chinese philosophy can help in understanding the Tarot card’s more esoteric aspects, such as its metaphysical and spiritual implications. As such, the use of symbols from Chinese philosophy in Tarot cards can help to deepen the interpretation of each card.