Tarot and Astronomy: Connecting the Cards with the Stars and the Cosmos

Unlock the Secrets of the Cosmos Through Tarot Card Readings

Many people are surprised to learn that tarot cards and astronomy have a long shared history. The tarot cards, symbols, and symbols of the Zodiac, were all influenced by a rich astrological past. Throughout the years, scholars and fortune-tellers have looked to the skies to make predictions and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. In this article, we will explore how astronomy and tarot cards can be used together.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Cycles of the Cosmos

One of the most popular tarot cards is the Wheel of Fortune. It symbolizes the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction, and is a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the universe. The traditional interpretation of this card is about taking control of our lives, destiny, and free will, and recognizing that life goes in cycles.

This card can be very powerful when used in combination with astronomy. By studying the sun, moon and stars, we can gain insight into the larger cycles of the universe. We can then draw from this knowledge to make better decisions and gain a sense of purpose and direction.

Discovering the Meaning of the Cards Through Astrology

Astrology is the study of the relationship between the stars and planets. Through astrology, we can learn about the symbolism behind each tarot card and gain a deeper understanding of their meanings.

By connecting the major arcana and minor arcana to the planets, we can gain a better insight into the overall meaning of our tarot card readings. For example, the card of Strength (major arcana) is often associated with Mars and its energy of aggression, courage and will power. This can be an incredibly insightful tool when interpreting a card reading.

Using Tarot and Astronomy Together

Tarot cards and astronomy can be used together to gain greater insight into our destiny and potential. By studying the symbolisms and energies connected to each card, we can gain a deeper understanding of our life path.

Through astrology, we can also connect the cards to the planets and stars, gaining valuable insight into our past and present lives. By combining the two, we can discover our true destiny and the greater cosmic plan of the universe.


Tarot cards and astronomy have a shared history that goes back centuries. By combining the two, we can gain invaluable insight into our lives and uncover secrets that have been locked away for generations. By studying the symbolism behind each card and connecting it to the sky, we can use tarot card readings to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and follow our pathways to enlightenment.
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In what ways can tarot cards be used to understand the energy of different astrological periods?

Tarot cards can be used to gain greater understanding into the energy that is associated with different astrological periods. This can be done by studying the meanings and symbols associated with each archetypal card and aligning it with the relevant energy of an astrological period. For example, if one was taking an in-depth look at the energy of a particular astrological period, the tarot cards related to that period could be used to pick up on subtle influences and energies. This can help one to gain greater insight into the forces that may be affecting the situation and offer guidance for decision-making.

What are some of the symbology connections between tarot cards and the stars and planets?

There are many connections between tarot cards and the stars and planets. The four suits in the tarot deck—including swords, cups, pentacles, and wands—each correspond to different astrological elements, while the cards within each suit involve various astrological symbols and imagery. Many of the major arcana cards, such as The Star, The Sun, and The Moon, also involve celestial symbolism, often related to the zodiac. Major arcana cards often depict figures, each corresponding to a planet, in front of a zodiacal backdrop. The Star card, for example, is often represented by a woman, who corresponds to the planet Venus and is typically depicted in front of seven stars representing the Pleiades, the star cluster related to the constellation Taurus. When it comes to minor arcana cards, those within the suits cups and pentacles often depict moons and suns in reflection, while those in the swords and wands typically involve stars, moons, and stars featured in the cards’ imagery.

What are the spiritual implications of tarot and astronomy being connected?

Tarot and astronomy have long been connected, as both take a holistic view of the universe, linking ideas of fate, destiny, and destiny-making to the greater universe. Spiritual practitioners often use Tarot and astrological techniques, such as astrological compatibility and Tarot readings, to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their path, and their place in the world. By connecting Tarot and astronomy, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and the universe as a whole, giving us insight into our higher purpose and mission in life.

How can tarot cards be used to interpret the meanings of the various planetary positions?

Tarot cards can be used to interpret the meanings of the various planetary positions by associating the cards with the different planets and how they interact. For example, the Sun card represents the power of the Sun, whereas the Moon card is associated with intuition and inner growth. Each card represents an energy or an element and they can be linked to the specific planetary position. Through doing this, it is possible to gain insight into the impact of the planetary alignment on a person’s life, helping to unlock patterns of behaviour and experiences and to gain insight into challenging situations. Additionally, the cards also illustrate potential paths for growth and transformation.

What is the importance of connecting tarot cards with astronomy?

The connection between tarot cards and astronomy is rooted in the ancient belief that the movements of the planets and stars influence our lives. Ancient cultures believed that the sun, moon, and planets were all connected with divinity, and that their path in the night sky could be interpreted as a form of divination. This connection has been used by a variety of cultures, including those in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and the Roman Empire. Connecting tarot cards with astronomy can help create a deeper understanding of the metaphysical concepts behind the tarot, as underlying the interpretations of the cards is a strong sense of divinity and order in the world. It can also help us gain insight into our own lives and relationships, as it strongly suggests that our lives, like the stars and planets, are also intertwined.