Sun Tarot: Illuminating Your Path with Positivity and Vitality


Sun Tarot is a relatively new tarot-based system developed to provide spiritual guidance and practical advice. It utilizes the traditional tarot deck, along with some unique techniques, to help you illuminate and discover your true self, so that you can find more clarity and direction in life. Sun Tarot incorporates positive vibrations, life-affirming messages, and powerful symbols to help you connect with your own unique energy and the collective universal energy. This type of energy can be used to manifest your true self, in both positive and negative aspects. Sun Tarot encourages you to identify and confront any roadblocks and take intentional action steps for self-development and personal growth.

The Sun Tarot Deck and Spreads

The Sun Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own meaning. There are four suits in the Sun Tarot deck – Fiery Hearts, Radiant Suns, Earthly Bodies, and Celestial Aspects. The cards in the Sun Tarot deck are meant to encourage creative visualization and provide practical tips for life changes. The deck also includes several spreads, such as the Path of Light spread, which is ideal for exploring the deeper layers of your inner self, and the Star Guide spread, which can give you a better understanding of what your current life path should look like.

Applying Sun Tarot In Your Life

Sun Tarot is more than just having a reading – it is about harnessing the positive energy of the sun and using it to build a spiritual connection with yourself and the universe. By engaging in regular readings, you will be able to uncover hidden truths about yourself and gain greater clarity and understanding of the direction your life should go. Sun Tarot can also be used as a tool to overcome obstacles and embrace new opportunities. Furthermore, Sun Tarot can also help you stay on course by being aware of the potential challenges that lie ahead of you in your path.

The Power of the Sun

The power of the Sun Tarot is in its ability to connect you with the greater spiritual energy of the universe. The card readings can provide you with the insight and clarity to make decisions that are better for your spiritual growth and development. As long as you take the necessary action steps, you can use the cards to understand and accept the natural flow of the universe. Additionally, the Sun Tarot will help you stay focused in times when you are feeling overwhelmed and down. With Sun Tarot, you will be able to use positive affirmations and meditations to create a sense of stability and balance within yourself.


Sun Tarot is a great way to explore your core self and gain a greater understanding of the universe around you. It’s also a powerful tool for discovering your true potential and identifying new opportunities. Whether you are just beginning to explore tarot or looking for a way to add more positive energy to your life, Sun Tarot can be a great addition. By utilising the power of the sun and incorporating your spiritual connection, you will be able to move towards a brighter and more fulfilling future.
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