Sun Card Tarot Meaning: Embracing Radiance and Optimism

Virtues of the Sun Card

The Sun Card opens us up to the boundless possibilities of optimism and joy revealed through its illuminating imagery. As the last and most powerful card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Sun emanates clarity, strength and optimism to the querent. Beyond its physical representation, the Sun also symbolically links to the solar gods of old, evoking a connection to divine wisdom, strength and guidance.

Symbolic Meaning

The imagery of the Sun Card speaks to its many spiritual and metaphysical interpretations. A radiant sun is seen in the center, with a divine face representing enlightenment. The card’s colors are awash in cheerful oranges and sky blues signifying a sense of optimism and joy, while the figures of a child and a horse below represent the potential of new beginnings from which we can draw strength and courage.

Sun Card Guidance

The power of the Sun Card illuminates the answers and guidance we seek in our struggles and daily life. The card encourages us to embrace our passions openly to create positivity and balance in times of difficulty. Its message urges us to honor our spirit and to bravely take action towards our dreams and desires so that we may bring about risks or prospects, though at the same time cautioning us not to bite off more than we can chew. Like the sun in the sky, it shines light on our paths and brings courage, guidance and personal growth when all hope seems lost.


Our connection to the Sun Card brings out the best of ourselves in terms of optimism, joy and hope. It speaks to our readiness to create our own destiny by facing the challenges of our lives with courage and love. By allowing ourselves to draw from the vibrance of the Sun Card’s strength and energetic optimism, we can all share in its transformative power.
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What is the Sun card in tarot?

The Sun card in tarot is typically associated with joy, optimism, abundance, and vitality. It typically serves as a reminder to embrace the present moment with love and optimism, as it often symbolizes success, fulfillment, and personal growth. It encourages us to move forward and create positive opportunities for ourselves in spite of any life challenges or obstacles we may be facing.

What is the meaning of the Sun card in tarot?

The Sun card in tarot is a representation of joy, success, happiness, and optimism. It is associated with courage and the will to pursue our goals, as well as the energy and power that we have within ourselves. Symbolically, it represents triumph over darkness, the spirit of the eternal life, and the abundance of life’s possibilities. It is a card of hope and new beginnings, joy and happiness, as well as success in any venture.