Strength in Tarot: Empowering the Self through the Cards


Tarot cards have been a source of inspiration and wisdom for people of all backgrounds and faiths for centuries. From mystics to modern-day spiritual seekers, tarot cards can offer insight into our lives and empower us in times of challenge and uncertainty. In this article, we will explore the power of tarot cards and how they can be used to build a sense of inner strength and understanding.

History of Tarot

Tarot cards were first used by ancient civilizations for divination and originated in Europe during the 14th century. Although their exact origin is not known, it is believed that tarot cards have existed in various forms for thousands of years. At the time, the cards were largely used to answer questions and provide guidance on personal matters.

The Power of Tarot

The power of tarot resides in its ability to provide insight into a person’s life and circumstances. By displaying symbols, characters and situations, the tarot helps to illustrate the past, present and future. As such, it can help people gain clarity on various issues and discover solutions to their problems. Furthermore, when used correctly, tarot can provide comfort and strength in difficult times, guiding us through our struggles and giving us a newfound sense of courage and hope.

The Tarot and Empowerment

When interpreted correctly, tarot cards can be used as a tool of self-empowerment and spiritual guidance. By understanding the cards, their meanings and their messages, one can gain knowledge and insight into personal matters. Moreover, the use of tarot cards can promote emotional healing and growth as users reflect on their past experiences and visualize possibilities for the future. Through this process, users can gain greater insight into their values, life purpose and ambitions, thus allowing them to take control of their lives and achieve their goals.

Final Thoughts

The power of tarot lies in its ability to provide insight into one’s inner self. Through its symbols, stories and lessons, tarot cards can help us explore our true nature and discover our true potential. Ultimately, tarot can be a powerful tool that empowers us to make conscious and informed decisions and unleash our inner strength.
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What are the major tarot cards associated with strength and empowerment?

1. The Empress: This card is all about creativity, productivity, fertility, and growth. It is a representation of female power and strength, and is often associated with abundance, nurturing, and confidence.

2. The High Priestess: This card symbolizes strong intuition, inner knowing, and the power of the subconscious mind. It is a reminder to trust your own inner guidance and to tap into the wisdom of your intuition.

3. The Chariot: This card stands for courage, determination, and the strength to overcome obstacles. It is symbolic of willpower and victory.

4. The Tower: This card indicates painful but necessary transformation and release from existing structures and limitations. It speaks of strength and courage to face difficult paths ahead.

5. Justice: This card stands for fairness and balance. It is a call to be fair and just in our dealings with others. It is also a reminder to cultivate balance and equality in all aspects of life.

6. The Star: This card symbolizes hope, faith, and spiritual understanding. It is an indication that strength and empowerment comes not only from our abilities and hard work, but also from our belief in ourselves and our connection to the divine.

What types of tarot cards are associated with courage and resilience?

The tarot cards associated with courage and resilience are typically those that represent major arcana, such as The Tower, Strength, The Chariot, The World, The Star, The Sun, The Magician, and The Empress. These cards often suggest themes of inner strength, perseverance, personal power and the possibility of new beginnings even when faced with challenges or difficult circumstances. Other cards such as The Ace of Wands, The Ten of Swords and The Queen of Cups are also connected to courage and resilience, illustrating the ability to find a sense of strength in the face of adversity.