Soulmate or Just Friends? The ‘Are We Meant to Be Together’ Tarot Spread

Soulmate or Just Friends? Answering the Question with Tarot

When it comes to love relationships, there’s so much to consider. Are the feelings real? What does the future hold? One of the best tools for understanding the answers to these questions is tarot readings.

Unlock the intended spiritual meaning behind tarot cards with the “Are We Meant to Be Together” tarot spread. This three card spread is designed to give us a clearer answer on the fate of two people in a relationship, whether they’re soulmates or just friends.

What Is the “Are We Meant to Be Together” Tarot Spread?

The “Are We Meant to Be Together” tarot spread is a three card tarot spread that reveals the intended spiritual and karmic connection between two people.

Each tarot card answers a specific question that’s related to the relationship between two people:

  • Card 1 – What are the spiritual foundations of the relationship?
  • Card 2 – What difficulties do either of us have concerning the relationship?
  • Card 3 – What is the destiny of this relationship?

The answers to these questions should provide insight into the spiritual relationship between two people, allowing them to determine if they are in fact soulmates or just friends.

How to Perform the “Are We Meant to Be Together” Tarot Spread

The “Are We Meant to Be Together” tarot spread is relatively simple and easy to perform.

  1. Choose the three tarot cards you will use in the spread.
  2. Lay the cards, one on each side, in the following positions:

    • Card 1 – towards the left
    • Card 2 – in the centre
    • Card 3 – towards the right

  3. Focus your intent on the meaning of the spread.
  4. Turn over the first card. Read and interpret the card in relation to the first question.
  5. Turn over the second card. Read and interpret the card in relation to the second question.
  6. Turn over the third card. Read and interpret the card in relation to the third question.
  7. Analyse the spread and interpret the connections between the cards.

By answering each of the three questions, your tarot reading should be able to reveal whether you’re meant to be together as soulmates or if you’re better off just being friends.

Interpreting Your Tarot Spread

The main process of interpreting your tarot spread is connecting the cards to each other. The key to truly understanding the answer of your “Are We Meant to Be Together” spread is to look at the bigger picture.

By taking the time to interpret the connection between the three cards, you should be able to arrive at your answer.

By understanding your spiritual and karmic connection, you will be able to better determine whether the relationship is a soulmate connection or just a friendship.

Through a well-formed “Are We Meant to Be Together” tarot spread, you can gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual bond that two people share. With this knowledge, you can truly decide whether you’re soulmates or just friends.
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How does the tarot spread help identify whether two people are meant to be together?

The tarot spread can help identify certain factors that indicate compatibility between two people, such as their level of commitment to the relationship, their communication styles, and any potential obstacles that may arise down the line. Although it cannot definitively answer the question of whether two people are meant to be together, it can provide insights into the potential for a relationship, as well as areas of potential conflict or issues that will likely arise. By looking at the overall arrangement of the cards in the tarot spread, an experienced tarot reader can gain an understanding of the relationship between two people and how it will likely evolve over time.

What other tarot spreads can be used to determine a potential relationship between two people?

The Relationship Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, Love Triangle Tarot Spread, and the Dos Parejas (Two Couples) Tarot Spread are all popular tarot spreads that can help determine the potential relationship between two people. Additionally, the Star Spread, and the Five Card Spread are two more tarot spreads that can provide insight into the relationship dynamic between two people.

What guidance can the tarot spread give when two people are unsure if they should be together or remain just friends?

The tarot spread can give guidance by focusing on the core issues between the two people and exploring the energies and underlying motivations which are influencing the dynamics of their interpersonal relationship. Through expressing the core issues, exploring their individual perspectives and potential paths of action, the tarot can shed light on the current state of their relationship and the potential consequences of either staying together or remaining friends. The tarot spread should also consider each individual’s emotional wellbeing and whether they are taking responsibility for their own happiness and contentment within the relationship. By exploring the energies and attractions between the two people, the tarot can help gain insight into the reality of their connection and ultimately serve as a guide towards empowered decision making.

How can knowing the answer to this question help people in their relationships?

Knowing the answer to the question can help people in their relationships by allowing them to better understand each other’s needs, expectations, and boundaries. It can also help them communicate better and foster mutual respect. Knowing the answer to the question can also help people in their relationships by giving them the ability to identify potential issues and address them before they become major problems. By having a better understanding of themselves and their partner they can build stronger, healthier relationships.

What is the best tarot spread to help determine if someone is my soulmate?

The best tarot spread to help determine if someone is your soulmate is a three card spread. Begin by shuffling the cards, then lay out one card to represent the querent (you), one card to represent the potential soulmate, and one card to represent the relationship between the two of you. From here, you can interpret the cards to determine if the person you’re considering is indeed your soulmate. Look for correspondences such as the two of you being connected by the same elements (such as the same element showing up in all three cards), or the two of you working together (such as cups, swords, and coins showing up across the cards). Additionally, look for signs of chemistry and mutual understanding, loyalty and commitment, and overall connection and happiness. Once you feel confident in your interpretation, you can make an informed decision about your relationship status.