Soul Source Tarot: Channeling Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom

What is Soul Source Tarot?

Soul Source Tarot is a type of spiritual reading that aims to channel divine guidance and wisdom. It uses tarot cards to access the collective unconscious and tap into a person’s spiritual energy. The tarot can provide insight and clarity into human concerns and help individuals make decisions influenced by their higher selves.

How Does It Work?

When a reader begins a Soul Source Tarot session, they ask the person they are performing the session on to focus on their intentions for the reading and any particular questions they may have. The reader then uses their intuition to pick the tarot cards that will address the individual’s concerns. The reader typically draws from a set of 78 cards that represent the different archetypes of the human experience. Once the tarot cards are selected, the reader then interprets the cards to decipher the messages encoded in them. These messages can provide the person with guidance, wisdom, and spiritual comfort.

What Can It Offer?

Soul Source Tarot readings can offer people insight into the spiritual aspects of their lives, and can offer guidance on any uncertainties they may have. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are on a spiritual quest and are seeking guidance from their higher selves.

The tarot, when approached with an open mind, can provide new ways of thinking and help individuals see potential solutions to their concerns. The tarot can be greatly beneficial to any individual looking to tap into their creativity and gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

The Benefits of Soul Source Tarot

The main benefits of Soul Source Tarot are its ability to help people connect with their spiritual energy and gain insight into their lives. Tarot readings offer a safe and comfortable environment, allowing individuals to feel at ease during the session. Additionally, tarot readings are highly customisable, allowing individuals to focus on the topics that are most important to them.

By providing an opportunity to detach from everyday life, Soul Source Tarot can be a source of healing and solace. Tarot readers can impart messages of hope and inspiration and offer advice that is encoded in the cards. Tarot readings can be a comforting source of support for people who are looking for it, and can assist individuals in finding meaning and clarity in their lives.


Soul Source Tarot allows individuals to access spiritual guidance and wisdom from their higher selves. Through the use of tarot cards, readers can facilitate deep connections and offer insight and clarity into human concerns. By providing a safe and comfortable environment, Soul Source Tarot can be a powerful source of solace and healing for individuals looking for guidance.
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What techniques does Soul Source Tarot use to channel spiritual guidance and wisdom?

Soul Source Tarot uses a combination of techniques to channel spiritual wisdom and guidance. These include Tarot readings, Oracle readings, meditations, runes, affirmations, channels, astrology, and spirit guides. Tarot readings are used to offer insight and clarity into specific aspects of one’s life. Oracle readings are used to answer questions and gain clarity on situations. Meditations are used to help one relax and access spiritual guidance from within. Runes are used to gain insight and direction. Affirmations are used to help one stay positive and focused. Channels are used to access messages and guidance from higher realms. Astrology is used to gain insight into the energy of the universe. Lastly, spirit guides are used to receive messages from spiritual guides.

What are the benefits of using Soul Source Tarot for spiritual guidance?

1. Soul Source Tarot can provide valuable insights into one’s spiritual journey, helping to uncover one’s answers to the tough questions without having to worry about the outside world or having to depend upon the opinions of others.

2. Soul Source Tarot can offer a safe space to explore one’s spiritual beliefs without feeling judged or misunderstood.

3. Soul Source Tarot allows the seeker to create their own definition of spiritual growth and to explore and practice various spiritual practices without being constrained by religious customs.

4. Soul Source Tarot encourages the individual to access and connect with their deepest truth and open up to themselves in a profound way.

5. Soul Source Tarot helps to cultivate compassion and understanding of the self, opening up a spiritual awareness that transcends the physical realm.

What type of spiritual guidance does Soul Source Tarot provide?

Soul Source Tarot provides intuitive readings that seek to provide insight, clarity, and spiritual guidance. Readings can help connect one to their higher self and gain deeper understanding and insights into their life and goals. In addition, Soul Source Tarot can help bring healing, guidance, and confidence.