Soul Retrieval: Healing Past Trauma and Reconnecting with Your True Self

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is a traditional healing practice used by many ancient cultures to restore and heal the soul. It is a spiritual journey that involves reconnecting with our true selves, our inner voice and reconnecting with the sacredness of our deeper spiritual nature. In many cultures, the soul is thought to be wounded, fragmented or lost due to past trauma or wounding experiences. Soul Retrieval is a process of healing by rediscovering these lost pieces of the soul, restoring their energy and bringing forward their sacredness.

How Can Soul Retrieval Heal Past Trauma?

Soul Retrieval brings us back to the point of healing by searching into the deepest memories, releasing our inner trauma and pain. For many, Soul Retrieval is a powerful inner journey which can be difficult and at times overwhelming, however, the rewards can be deeply healing and restorative. By discovering parts of the self that were previously hidden or forgotten, we can start to uncover the wounds we received in our pasts, allowing us to start the healing process and to move forward in our lives.

What are the Benefits of Soul Retrieval?

The benefits of Soul Retrieval can be far reaching and powerful. These can include an increased sense of self- awareness and self-worth, an increase in self-confidence, a more balanced perspective on life, and a deeper connection to our true spiritual selves. It can also lead to a greater sense of peace and contentment, improved physical health, and an increase in creativity and self-expression. Soul Retrieval can also lead to a reconnection with the environment and a greater sense of connection to nature and our spiritual paths.

How is Soul Retrieval Practiced?

Soul Retrieval is usually practiced by a shamanic practitioner who will take the patient on a spiritual journey in which they will be guided through a series of meditations and inner healing journeys. These journeys will be designed to help the patient reconnect to their true selves. Typically, the shaman will ask the patient to connect to their inner knowledge and wisdom and to focus on the part of themselves that needs to be healed. The shaman will then offer tools and techniques to help the patient with healing, such as visualizations, drumming, chanting, and guided journeys.

What Practices Can Help with Soul Retrieval?

It is important to note that Soul Retrieval is only one form of healing, although it can be a powerful and transformative experience. Other practices that can help with healing past trauma and reconnecting with our true selves include journaling, meditation, and self-reflection, as well as healing through movement and the creative arts. These practices can help us to tap into inner wisdom, find our authentic voice, and move forward in our journey to self-discovery and healing.


Soul Retrieval is a powerful and ancient healing practice that helps us to uncover our lost pieces and reconnect with our true selves. For many, this inner journey can be both difficult and rewarding, as we are guided through a series of meditations and inner journeys which help us to uncover past wounds and begin the process of healing. By engaging in soul retrieval alongside other practices, such as journaling and meditation, we can move forward in our journey of self-discovery and healing.

What is the difference between soul retrieval and spiritual healing?

Soul retrieval is considered a form of spiritual healing. Soul retrieval specifically focuses on recovering lost pieces or fragments of one’s soul, typically those that were lost due to trauma or past experiences, with the purpose of making the patient to feel whole and healed. Spiritual healing is generally considered a more general term that includes soul retrieval, but could also include practices such as introducing positive spiritual energy into one’s being, or utilizing different forms of energy healing for emotional and physical healing.

What is the purpose of soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing modality used to restore vitality and wholeness to a person’s energy system. It is meant to heal any soul losses from physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma, and to restore the person’s connection to their life’s purpose. It is an important part of maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual health.

What is soul loss?

Soul loss is an ancient spiritual concept which holds that a part of a person’s soul can become dissociated and unavailable due to negative experiences or trauma. It is believed that the lost soul piece contains the person’s health, vitality and connection to the divine, and can be restored through various spiritual and psychological healing modalities.