Significators in Tarot: What They Are and How to Use Them

What are Significators?

Significators are, essentially, symbolic representations of people or entities included in a Tarot reading. In Tarot, they are used to represent either the querant, the person giving the Tarot reading, or the subject of the query. In many decks, the court cards are often designated as significators.

Benefits of Using a Significator in a Tarot Reading

Using a significator in your Tarot readings has many benefits. By attaching a specific card to a person or query, the Tarot reader can gain greater insight into what knowledge, advice or messages the Tarot cards are giving. In addition, the Tarot reader can use the significator as a means to access deeper layers and nuances of the Tarot cards themselves, creating an even deeper and more powerful Tarot reading.

How to Choose a Significator for a Tarot Reading

Choosing a significator for a Tarot reading is a very personal thing. It can depend on the type of Tarot deck you are using, the type of query, and the individual preferences of the Tarot reader. Generally, for personal readings, the court cards (King, Queen, Knight and Page) are commonly used as significators. However, the Tarot reader may choose to assign a different card to the querant, depending on their personality, the query at hand, and the individual Tarot cards themselves.

Using a Significator in Your Tarot Readings

Once you have chosen a significator, you can use it to help gain clarity in your reading. Your selected significator can help focus your attention on the various aspects of the query, while also providing a point of reference for further analysis. Whenever you reach a reading roadblock, you can use the significator to direct your focus back towards the query and provide a clearer perspective.

Using Significators to Interpret Card Combinations

Significators can also be used to help analyze Tarot card combinations. For example, if the significator appears in a card combination, it can provide insight into how the querant fits into the situation represented by the cards.


Significators are an important tool in the Tarot reader’s toolkit. By choosing and assigning a card to either the querant or the query, the Tarot reader can gain greater insight into both the query and the Tarot cards themselves. Significators can also be used to interpret card combinations, providing a helpful reference point for deeper analysis.
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How does the significator relate to the values of a tarot card?

The significator in a tarot card reading is typically a card that is chosen to represent the individual asking the question. This significator card symbolizes the unique energies, motivations, feelings, and intentions of that person and the various facets of their life. The specific significator chosen is thought to subtly influence the reading in a positive way and help the querent gain insight and understanding into the situation. Thus, the relationship between the significator and the values of the tarot card can be seen as a reflection of the individual’s state of mind, values, and goals.

Are significators used in all forms of tarot readings or only certain types?

Significators are used in most forms of tarot readings, including spreads, individual card readings, and general readings. They can be especially helpful when working with card spreads, as they provide additional information about the particular person or situation that the spread is focused on. Significators can also be used to help focus the reader’s attention on the important elements of the spread.

What is the definition of a significator in tarot?

In tarot, a significator is a card that is chosen to represent a person that a reading is about. It is usually either a court card or a card that is typically linked to the querent’s personality and situation. The significator card is often placed in the center of the tarot spread, and its characteristics and energies offer a starting point to interpret the other cards in the spread.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines to consider when using a significator?

Yes, there are certain rules and guidelines you should consider when using a significator in a tarot reading session.

Firstly, your significator should always represent the querent (the person who is seeking guidance or answers through the tarot reading). The significator should embody the general feelings and energy present in the situation; this could be an age, an issue, a current relationship, etc.

Secondly, it’s important to choose a card or deck that you feel comfortable working with. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cards and decks to find the perfect one for you.

Thirdly, it is important to keep the significator’s purpose in mind. Drawing this card, whether it’s a Major Arcana card or a Minor Arcana card, will give you a better understanding of how the Tarot is interpreting the issues present in the reading.

Finally, remember to look at both the literal and symbolic representation of the significator. Move away from suppositions, and pay close attention to the detail of the card to access the Tarot’s deeper meaning.

What is the difference between Rule of Three and Significators in Tarot?

The Rule of Three and Significators in Tarot are two different concepts. The Rule of Three is a magical principle that states that all events, circumstances, or occurrences seem to happen in threes. This highlights the power of thought and manifestation, as what we focus on tends to bring more of the same energy into our lives. Significators in Tarot, on the other hand, are specific cards that represent people, qualities, or issues in a Tarot reading. When using significators, the reader often begins by asking questions regarding the querent’s personality or situation, and then uses significators to reflect back answers. The significator chosen often provides insight into the querent’s subconscious and can help the reader delve deeper into the reading.

What are some example Significators in Tarot?

1. The Magician

2. The Empress

3. The Hierophant

4. Strength

5. The Lovers

6. The Chariot

7. The Sun

8. The World

9. King of Pentacles

10. Queen of Cups

What is the role of a Significator in Tarot?

The Significator is a card chosen to represent a particular individual in a Tarot reading. This card symbolizes the person for whom the reading is being done, and acts as a focal point for the reader to meditate on and gain insight from. The Significator helps the reader to understand the context of the reading, and to tap into the energies that may be influencing the individual’s life. Through the Significator, the reader can gain insight into the nature of the individual’s life journey.