Shuffling Tarot Cards with Small Hands: Tips and Tricks for Easy Handling


Tarot cards have been used for centuries to reveal truths, guide decisions, and supplement intuition. Because the reading system is so vast, tarot readers need to practice regularly to stay fresh and in tune with the subconscious messages of their cards. Shuffling tarot cards is an important part of the reading process and can be hard when you have small hands. Managing the size of the deck, fanning out the cards, and reshuffle them can be a challenge. In this article, we will look at a few tips and tricks to help make handling and shuffling tarot cards with smaller hands easier.

Size Matters: Choose a Small Deck

When selecting a deck, it is important to pay attention to the size of the cards. Most decks contain the same type of cards with minor variations in design and color, but some manufacturers offer slimmed-down decks for those with small hands. If purchasing a miniature or slimline deck does not fit with your aesthetic, try removing some of the cardboard cards from the deck before shuffling. These can often be located at the bottom of the deck and are usually large with white or black backgrounds. Removing some of the cards before shuffling can reduce the overall size of the deck, making it easier to manage on your own.

Fanning and Shuffling

When it comes to fanning and shuffling small hands, it is important to remember to go slowly. Trying to quickly fan the cards or redistribute them in the deck can make things more difficult, so it is best to take your time and steady your hands. Fanning and shuffling with smaller hands can also be done with a band or piece of fabric, such as a handkerchief. Using this method, you can gently place the cards in the center of the fabric, fan them out and then gently pick up the edges and draw them together, reshuffling the deck before setting it down to finish.

The Stack and Flow Technique

The stack and flow technique is a popular shuffling technique for tarot readers with small hands and works especially well with traditional decks such as Rider Waite and Thoth. To begin, carefully stack the cards from the side and then slide each card one by one into the palm of your hand. The cards should be pressed firmly in place and the stack should become steadily shorter with each card added. Once all of the cards are pulled into the stack, the cards are then pushed together and gently released, sending them flying back into a tidy deck formation. This can be repeated a few times before the cards are ready to be dealt.

Split Piles and Merge Stack Method

If you are having difficulty gripping the cards while shuffling, the split piles and merge stack method can help. This method is similar to the stack and flow technique, but it relies on the separation of the cards before they are recombined. To begin, divide the deck into two or three piles of cards and then place them face down on the table. Slowly redistribute the cards in each pile, making sure each card is in the correct orientation. Once the piles are ready, starting from the smallest, stack the cards one by one and press the cards firmly against each other until all of the cards have been recombined.

Shuffling with Tension

Shuffling tension is a technique often used by tarot readers to help keep their cards orderly and ready for shuffling. To do this, hold the deck between both hands with your palms face up and lightly press the top and bottom cards together. This helps to keep the cards from slipping and makes it easier to shuffle the cards. If you have difficulty gripping the cards, try using the band or fabric method described earlier. This can help keep the cards in a stack, making it easier to shuffle through the deck.


Shuffling tarot cards with small hands can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. By choosing a smaller deck, fanning the cards out slowly and using techniques like shuffling tension, it is possible to quickly and easily handle the cards. With practice, shuffling tarot cards with small hands can become a manageable and enjoyable process.
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What is the best way to organize tarot cards for small hands?

-The best way to organize tarot cards for small hands is to sort them by size and use a tarot card box. This way, the cards can easily be put away, and taken out of the box as needed. Also, it is helpful to have multiple boxes of different sizes, so you can find the right sized cards for your hands. You may also want to invest in card guards to help keep the cards intact and reduce shuffling time. Finally, laying out the cards in groups can help you visualize the cards and make them easier to memorize.

What is the ideal size of tarot cards for small hands?

The ideal tarot card size for small hands is 2.75″ x 4.75″. This size is easier for smaller hands to handle and makes it easier to focus on the imagery on the card. For an even smaller size, there are standardized Tarot cards that are 2.5″ x 3.5″.

What is the best tarot deck for small hands?

The best tarot deck for small hands would be the Pocket Tarot Deck. It is a miniature version of the traditional tarot deck and is much smaller than normal decks, making it easier to hold and easier to shuffle. It also includes a small instruction booklet to help guide anyone who is new to tarot.