Sacred Contracts: Understanding Your Soul’s Purpose and Agreements

Introduction to Sacred Contracts

Sacred Contracts is a term used to describe the understanding of how one’s soul’s purpose and agreements are interconnected. It was created by Caroline Myss, an energy healer and motivational speaker who has been helping people with spiritual healing for more than 20 years. Sacred Contracts is based on the concept that each person has an archetypal pattern for determining one’s life purpose and the agreements they have with others. According to Myss, these agreements shape the patterns that guide our lives from birth to death.

The Power of Sacred Contracts

The power of Sacred Contracts is that it can help you gain insight into the agreements you have made with yourself and the universe, thus unlocking your potential and helping you to live a greater, fuller life based upon your true purpose. Knowing your soul’s purpose helps you to make decisions and create life experiences that are in line with what you are here to do.

Additionally, Sacred Contracts helps one to understand how and why we are connected to others and reveals hidden dynamics between yourself and others, both in terms of positive and negative energy. It teaches one how to use the agreements we make, consciously or unconsciously, to create a life of greater purpose and harmony.

The Process of Uncovering Sacred Contracts

Sacred Contracts are revealed through a series of steps that start with a deep dive into one’s internal process of self-analysis. This approach enables an individual to identify what patterns, beliefs and agreements they have with themselves or with which others. A key component of this step is to become aware of the power within and the idea that each of us holds the ability to manifest our destiny.

This is followed by a period of spiritual exploration. This phase includes activities such as meditation, prayer, and affirmations, which help to open up our minds and hearts to the divine power within us. It also includes various forms of self-care such as yoga, Reiki, tai chi, and journaling, which support personal growth.

The final step is the creation and implementation of a “philosophical supplement” which Myss defines as a way to design one’s life based on the idea that each person deserves a life with spiritual growth and fulfilment. At this point, an individual is better able to distinguish between the relationships that are empowering and those that are not.

The Benefits of Understanding Sacred Contracts

The benefits of understanding Sacred Contracts can be both practical and spiritual in nature. On a practical level, it helps us become more organized and focused on our priorities; it also helps us to make better decisions, since we are able to take into account how our decisions might affect our future and our relationships.

On a spiritual level, understanding Sacred Contracts helps us to become more connected to the greater purpose of life and to our own personal power. This deeper connection to our soul’s purpose helps to bring us closer to our true self, which in turn helps us to be more authentic and stronger in our convictions.

In addition, an understanding of Sacred Contracts can bring a greater appreciation of the interconnectedness of life, allowing us to see the bigger picture and recognize how our decisions affect those around us. Ultimately, having a deeper understanding of this concept can lead to greater emotional freedom, mental clarity and spiritual enlightenment.

Sacred Contracts and Relationships

Sacred Contracts can also help us to identify certain patterns that appear in relationships. Having an understanding of our agreements with others at a deeper level can help us to make healthier choices, recognize our true connection with others, and navigate challenging relationships more positively. Through this understanding, we can learn to make better choices for ourselves and for others.

Although Sacred Contracts are created at the individual level, they ultimately help to form the fabric of our collective consciousness. When we align with our agreements, it helps us to make the world a better place, affecting the environment, our communities, and society as a whole.


Understanding Sacred Contracts provides a framework for gaining insight into life purpose, unlocking our potential and establishing harmony in our lives. It allows us to make decisions more consciously, create healthier relationships and align with our true self. Above all, it supports our divine journey and helps us to cultivate deeper satisfaction and emotional fulfilment.
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What is the message of Caroline Myss’s book “Sacred Contracts”?

The message of Caroline Myss’s book “Sacred Contracts” is that humans have a spiritual destiny mapped out for them. This destiny is determined by the “sacred contracts” or energy patterns of inherited beliefs that have been passed down throughout our lives. Myss argues for personal responsibility in understanding and accepting our own patterns of destiny in order to move forward and fulfill our individual spiritual calling. In addition, Myss emphasizes the importance of building relationships with the divine in order to find purpose and meaning in life. Ultimately, the major theme of the book is that each of us has a unique sacred contract and that only by understanding it can we unlock our spiritual potential.

What are the core principles of Caroline Myss’s book “Sacred Contracts”?

1. We each have a sacred contract, or destiny, in life.

2. We are all connected at the energetic level through the Web of Consciousness.

3. The presence of archetypes in the unconscious influences our behavior and can be understood through our dreams.

4. We evolve spiritually when we accept our shadow selves (the aspects of our personalities that we reject or deny).

5. Our physical and emotional health depend on spiritual growth.

6. Our ultimate purpose is to become our authentic selves.

7. Guidance is available to us in the form of angels, teachers, family, friends, and mentors.

8. We should strive to develop intuition, for intuition is the strongest form of insight.

9. We can transform our lives and relationships through the power of forgiveness.

10. We can develop more spiritual power by forming new spiritual contracts in our lives.

What are the four archetypes discussed in Caroline Myss’s book “Sacred Contracts”?

1. The Innocent: Someone who is driven by a deep-seated belief in the inherent goodness of life, striving to live in harmony with the world.

2. The Orphan: Someone who has experienced trauma, pain, or injustice and carries a deep wound of vulnerability and mistrust in the face of life.

3. The Warrior: Someone who is driven by a passionate desire to achieve goals and fight for what they believe in.

4. The Martyr: Someone who has devoted their life to a cause or position, to the point where they feel they cannot live without it, often sacrificing personal fulfillment in the process.