Revealing Light: Illuminate Your Path with Revealing Light Tarot


Revealing Light Tarot is a modern interpretation of classic tarot card readings for modern-day spiritual seekers. The tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each card is created with unique symbolism and artwork that helps provide insight and direction into your current situation. Revealing Light Tarot has been designed to offer a safe and supportive environment for self-exploration. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life path and find clarity and meaning in your journey.

The Major and Minor Arcana

The 78 cards of Revealing Light Tarot are divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana represents the archetypal energy of our lives, while the Minor Arcana reflects the everyday events of our lives. Each card of the Major Arcana offers knowledge, wisdom, and insight related to the cycle of life, while the Minor Arcana cards provide a more detailed reading. While the cards of the Major Arcana give insight into the bigger picture, the cards of the Minor Arcana help provide more specific details.

The Meaning Behind the Cards

Each card of Revealing Light Tarot has a unique meaning that can provide insight into your current situation. Major Arcana cards, such as the Fool or the High Priestess, give you an understanding of the energies at play in your life, while the Minor Arcana can offer more details related to your current situation. By interpreting the cards of the Tarot, you can gain fresh perspectives, and it can provide you with more clarity and insight into your life.

A Holistic Reading Approach

Revealing Light Tarot takes a holistic approach to readings. It helps you to reflect on your current situation from a variety of angles. As you progress through the cards, you can gain a deeper understanding of how the energies around you are influencing your current circumstances. This approach helps you to uncover the roots of your current conflicts and offers an opportunity to receive guidance for your future.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tarot reader, Revealing Light Tarot can help shed some light on your life journey. Its modern interpretation and unique artwork provides unique insight and understanding into your current situation. By interpreting the cards of the Tarot, you can gain fresh perspectives, and it can provide you with clarity and direction for your life.

What is the Revealing Light Tarot?

The Revealing Light Tarot is a modern, 78-card tarot deck designed by Carolyn Garriethaun. It blends images from both occult and Western astrological symbols and features a unique blend of vibrant color and powerful symbolism to provide readers with a tarot deck that is both interpretable and visually stunning. The tarot deck is an exploration of the power of self-empowerment, with each card offering insight and guidance to the reader. The Major Arcana, consisting of 22 cards, represents the major influences that shape our lives, while the Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards which offer more specific details. Each card holds its own meaning and when studied together, can provide fresh perspectives and clarity in understanding one’s potential and obstacles. By studying and interpreting this Tarot deck, one can gain insight into their current situation and receive guidance for their future.

What cards are included in the Revealing Light Tarot?

The Revealing Light Tarot includes the following 78 cards: The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgment, The World, Ace of Wands, Two of Wands, Three of Wands, Four of Wands, Five of Wands, Six of Wands, Seven of Wands, Eight of Wands, Nine of Wands, Ten of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Wands, Queen of Wands, King of Wands, Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, Three of Cups, Four of Cups, Five of Cups, Six of Cups, Seven of Cups, Eight of Cups, Nine of Cups, Ten of Cups, Page of Cups, Knight of Cups, Queen of Cups, King of Cups, Ace of Swords, Two of Swords, Three of Swords, Four of Swords, Five of Swords, Six of Swords, Seven of Swords, Eight of Swords, Nine of Swords, Ten of Swords, Page of Swords, Knight of Swords, Queen of Swords, and King of Swords.