Reading His Heart: A Tarot Spread for Understanding How He Truly Feels

Do you ever find yourself wanting to better understand your partner’s feelings and intentions, but find it difficult to know exactly how he truly feels? While communication is key to any successful relationship, sometimes our partners don’t always verbalize clearly or know how to express themselves. When this happens, tarot cards can be a helpful tool to help us see what is inside a person’s heart.

Getting Started with Your Tarot Spread

Before you begin your tarot spread, it’s important to take a few minutes to relax and clear your mind. Once you have done this, ask your question out loud and then start shuffling your deck. When you are finished shuffling, choose the cards for your spread.

Reading the Tarot Spread

When you select your cards, look at them carefully and notice any feelings or impressions that come to you. Consider each card and its meaning before putting them together in a narrative that provides you insight into your partner’s true feelings.

The Tarot Spread

Below is a tarot spread that can be used to gain insight into a partner’s true feelings.

    • The first card is an overall reading of the partners true feelings.
    • The second card indicates outer influences.
    • The third card shows how your partner’s feelings have been manifested in the past.
    • The fourth card represents inner thoughts and emotions.
    • The fifth card shows the expected outcome.

Interpreting Your Results

Once you have placed your cards, it is time to interpret the results of your tarot spread. Think about each card and how it relates to the overall message being delivered. Additionally, pay close attention to any feelings or intuitions that come to you during the reading, as these are likely to be the most important factors in understanding your partner.

At the end of your tarot spread, you should have gained a better insight into your partner’s true feelings. Spending some time reflecting on the results of your reading can reveal even further insight and deepen your understanding of your partner.

Tarot cards can be a great tool for exploring the depths of the human experience. With a little practice and patience, this tarot spread can offer you a unique and powerful tool to better understand your partner’s feelings.
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What tarot cards should I use for a spread for understanding how he truly feels?

The cards you select for a tarot spread will depend on what kind of questions you are seeking to answer. However, some cards that may be helpful in understanding how someone feels include The Lovers, The High Priestess, The Ace of Cups, The Two of Cups, The Six of Pentacles, The Ten of Swords, and The Page of Wands. Depending on your questions, other suit cards such as the Swords, Wands, Pentacles, and Cups may be used to gain insight into the emotions of others. Additionally, the Major Arcana cards can provide insight into life’s deeper questions and the bigger picture.

What is the best layout to use when doing a tarot spread to understand a partner’s feelings?

The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular tarot spreads for understanding a partner’s feelings. This spread consists of ten cards in a particular order and helps provide an in-depth understanding of the underlying issues of a relationship, along with specific advice for a partner. Each card in the reading has a special meaning, so it is important to take the time to understand what each card represents, particularly in relation to relationships. Additionally, it is helpful to keep an open mind when interpreting the results of the reading.

What tarot cards should I use for understanding my partner’s feelings?

The best tarot cards to look into to get a better understanding of your partner’s feelings are The Lovers, The Star, The Emperor, The Queen of Cups, The Two of Cups, and The Seven of Cups. Each of these cards represents different aspects of a relationship, from love and connection, inner strength and harmony, to feelings and emotion. By looking into each of these cards, you can gain a deeper insight into your partner’s inner thoughts and feelings, and how best to understand them.

What can I do to better understand my partner’s feelings without using tarot cards?

1. Ask them open and honest questions.

2. Listen without judgment.

3. Try to empathise and put yourself in their shoes.

4. Acknowledge and validate their feelings.

5. Spend quality time with them, talking, and engaging in activities together.

6. Show that you are available to talk and understand them by asking them about their feelings, thoughts and worries.

7. Be patient and accept that not all emotions can be immediately expressed clearly.

8. Show love and affection.

9. Ask how you can help.

10. Be mindful of how your words and actions may be impacting your partner’s feelings.

What are the best ways to show your partner that you care?

1. Make time for them: Showing your partner that you care involves making time for them and spending quality time together.

2. Listen to them: Listening to your partner is a great way to show that you care. Let them talk without judgment or interruption and make sure to follow up with thoughtful questions.

3. Offer small gestures: Small gestures can go a long way. Send an unexpected gift or do something thoughtful just to show your partner that you were thinking of them.

4. Tell them how you feel: A verbal expression of your love and commitment is a great way to show your partner that you care.

5. Show them affection: Physical touch is an important part of any relationships. Show your partner that you care by giving them affection like hugs, kisses, and cuddles.

6. Be supportive: Don’t be shy in showing your support for your partner. Offer them advice, encouragement, and help when you can.

7. Make time for the things they enjoy: Make time for your partner to do the things they like. Whether it’s a shared activity or a solo hobby, showing that you care about their interests is a great way to strengthen your bond.

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