Reading for Others: A Comprehensive Guide to Tarot Readings for Someone Else

What is Tarot Reading?

Reading Tarot cards is a form of divination—using cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future. Tarot readings are a form of entertainment and are used to provide guidance and understanding in many aspects of everyday life. The cards are a great way to delve into your own subconscious and gain insight into your life, which can help to make decisions and take action.

Basic Principles of Tarot Readings for Others

When reading Tarot cards for others, it is important to remember the basic principles of Tarot reading. The cards will provide insight and clarity, but should be read with an open mind. It is essential to focus on being present with the person whose reading your giving and to listen carefully to their interpretation of the cards. As the reader, you should adhere to the Tarot guidelines of reading for yourself, without judgment or suggestion.

Explain the Spreads You Will Use

When providing Tarot readings for others, it is important to explain the different spreads you will use. A spread is simply a layout of cards that are interpreted to gain insight into a particular aspect of the person’s life. Spreads can vary greatly, with some being more detailed than others. Popular spreads include the Celtic Cross, the Three Fates, and the Five Card Spread. It is important to illustrate how each card in the spread helps to gain insight into the individual’s life, so that the person being read can better understand the reading.

Understand the Querant’s Intentions

Before providing a reading for another person, it is important to understand their intentions. As the reader, you will take the lead in determining the focus or the question(s) that the reading should answer. Ask the person what they are hoping to gain from the reading and why they have chosen you as their reader. It is also important for the reader to understand the person’s feelings, such as their worries or concerns, as this will be important for interpreting the cards.

Remain Neutral and Respectful

It is essential for the reader to remain neutral and respectful when providing a Tarot reading for someone else. Your role is to provide guidance and insight, but it is always important to stay away from making assumptions or giving advice. The person is ultimately responsible for the decisions they make and you should never impose your own beliefs or judgments onto others.

Create a Safe Space

Creating a safe and comfortable environment is essential to providing Tarot readings for others. This includes ensuring that you and the person receiving the reading both feel comfortable with one another and that their privacy is respected. It is also helpful to provide a space that is free of distractions and where both parties can focus on the reading.

Stay Professional

It is important for readers to stay professional and to remember that Tarot readings are just that, readings. As professionals, it is important to remain unbiased, to listen carefully to the person you are reading for and to remain focused on giving an accurate reading. Being professional also means keeping the focus on the cards and on the person’s life, rather than on yourself.

Trust the Cards

It is important to remember that the cards are only a tool and it is up to the reader to interpret and trust the cards. Even if the cards do not provide the answer or direction you were expecting or hoping for, it is important to be honest and trust that the cards are providing insight into the individual’s life. Tarot readings should never be used to make predictions or to foretell the future, but rather to provide guidance based on the individual’s current circumstances and experiences.

Know Your Boundaries

It is important for the reader to have knowledge of their own boundaries during a Tarot reading. It is not the reader’s responsibility to provide advice, to make decisions for another person, or to act as a counsellor. Knowing your boundaries will help you to remain professional and will provide the space for the person to make their own choices.

Providing Tarot readings for others is both an honour and a responsibility. As the reader, it is important to remain open minded, listen carefully to the person being read, and to trust the cards. Respectful boundaries must be established in order to remain professional and to create a safe and comfortable environment for the person being read.
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Ultimately, the goal of a Tarot reading is to provide insight and guidance to those seeking assistance, and to honour the trust placed in the reader. Reading Tarot can be a powerful and meaningful experience, if done with respect and an open heart.

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Prepare for the Reading

It is important for the reader to prepare intentionally and thoughtfully for a Tarot reading. This includes taking the time to meditate, set an intention, and clear the space with either sage incense or a cleansing crystal. Once the physical space is clear, it is beneficial to clear the mind of any negative thoughts or energies. This will help the reader to remain open and present throughout the reading.

The next step is to select the correct spread for the individual’s question or reading. A spread can contain as few as three cards, or as many as twelve or more. It is important for the reader to be familiar with each card and to have a general understanding of how the cards work together. There are many different spreads, and it is up to the reader to decide which spread is best suited for the person they are reading.

Finally, the reader should take a few moments before the reading to consciously shift into a creative and intuitive state of mind. This can be done through breathing, meditation or visualisation techniques. It is important for the reader to become comfortable and open to accepting any information the cards can provide.