Psychic Protection: Defending Yourself from Negative Energies

What is Psychic Protection?

Psychic protection is a method used to defend yourself from negative energies that can affect your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It is a form of energetic protection that can help shield you from the energy of other people, entities, energies, and environments. The purpose of psychic protection is to protect yourself by creating a strong energetic barrier so that any negative energies around you will not be able to penetrate it.

Psychic protection is not something that is required to practice or perform magick or spiritual practices, however, it is recommended to use it when you feel like you need a bit of extra protection or when you are performing any sort of rituals. It can be used to protect yourself from any negative or harmful energies that may be around you or coming your way.

How to Protect Yourself

When practicing psychic protection, there are many different techniques that you can use to protect yourself. Here are some of the more common techniques:


Visualization is the practice of creating a protective shield, barrier, or cocoon of white light around yourself in your mind. This protective layer can act as a barrier to block out any negative energy or entities. To use visualization, simply close your eyes and visualize a white light cocoon that is completely surrounding you. Visualize it completely surrounding you and as it grows stronger and brighter. Visualize any negative energies bouncing off of the wall or shield and dissipating into nothingness.


Prayer is a powerful form of protection and can help to shield you from negative energies. When saying a prayer for protection, ask for help from a higher power to protect you from any negative energies. You can also choose specific deities or angels that you feel may be able to protect you from harm.


Rituals can be used to create a shield of protection around you as well as ward off any negative energies. Rituals can include things such as cleansing baths, smudging, or chantings. You can also use protective charms, such as crystals and amulets, to help keep the negative energies away.

Tips for Psychic Protection

When practicing psychic protection, there are a few tips that can help to make it more effective. Here are some tips to keep in mind when practicing psychic protection.

Be Present

The most important thing to remember when practicing psychic protection is to stay present in the moment. When you focus on the present moment, it will be easier to stay focused on the task at hand and to remain in the protective shield you have created.

Stay Positive

Staying positive in the face of any negative energy can help to protect you from it. By visualizing yourself surrounded by a strong protective bubble, you are sending out positive energy that can combat the negative energy.

Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition is your best guide when it comes to protecting yourself. Be sure to take the time to listen to your intuition and use it to help identify any potential danger.

Stay Grounded

It is important to stay grounded when you are performing any type of psychic protection. One way to stay grounded is to practice meditation which can help you to stay in tune with your body and mind and stay connected to the earth. You can also use crystals or visualization to help you stay grounded and keep any negative energies at bay.


Psychic protection is an important skill to have when protecting yourself from any type of negative energy. With the proper techniques, you can create a strong barrier that protects you from any harm and keeps your mental, physical, and spiritual health safe. Be sure to stay present, stay positive, trust your intuition, and stay grounded in order to maintain a strong sense of protection around you.
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With a little practice and dedication, you can keep yourself safe and protect yourself from any outside forces.

What methods can be used to create a psychic shield?

1. Visualize a shield of protective light surrounding you.

2. Meditate daily and explore connecting with your inner strength.

3. Practice grounding and centering techniques.

4. Utilize protective mantras and affirmations.

5. Connect with your angels and/or ascended masters.

6. Use affirmations to repel negative energies.

7. Wear protective jewelry or carry stones or crystals.

8. Utilize an energetic protection ritual.

9. Place protection symbols around you, such as a pentagram or Hecate’s Wheel.

10. Utilize techniques such as smudging or casting a circle to create a psychic barrier.

What should I do to maintain a strong psychic shield?

– A good way to maintain a strong psychic shield is to practice visualize an energy bubble or shield around you that keeps away any negative energy or intrusions. Otherwise, you can practice protective mantras, aligning yourself with inoffensive and protective symbols, such as the ankh or pentagram, or learning the specific psychic shielding meditations that many traditions offer. You can also strengthen your connection to your Higher Self by engaging in regular meditation, and by affirming positive statements regarding your self-worth, power and strength.