Past Life Regression: Exploring Your Soul’s History and Lessons

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a type of therapy — or therapeutic tool — that helps an individual explore their soul’s history and uncover lessons from past life experiences. It is also sometimes referred to as reincarnation therapy, as its main aim is to help individuals access their past lives and connect to the soul’s subconscious. Past life regression has its roots in ancient spiritual traditions — such as Hinduism — and is most commonly found as part of spiritual healing and transformation practices.

In past life regression hypnosis, a therapist will guide the individual into a deep, relaxed state of trance to connect with the inner consciousness. By reaching the subconscious level, the person can unlock and explore memories of previous lifetimes. By uncovering and healing those past wounds, the individual can better integrate those lessons into the present life.

How to Connect with Your Subconscious and Access Past Lives

To access memories of past lives, one must begin by connecting with their inner consciousness — or subconscious. To do this, a person must invite the subconscious to appear and provide insight into past lives. This can be done with a variety of methods, such as hypnotherapy, meditation, or mind-body healing practices.

During hypnosis, the therapist will guide the individual into a relaxed state of concentration and deepened awareness. Once the individual has reached a state of deep relaxation, they can begin to access their subconscious mind. The subconscious is the part of the mind that stores memories and intuition, as well as spiritual insight and understanding. By connecting with the subconscious, it is possible to receive messages, images and feelings from a deeper level of consciousness.

The Benefits of Exploring Your Past Lives

Exploring past lives can provide individuals with valuable insight into their souls’ journey, as well as help them unravel unsolved mysteries from past life experiences. By understanding the patterns of past lives, the individual can gain a better understanding of their current life and its purpose.

The benefits of past life regression can include a greater sense of inner peace, increased self-awareness, improved problem-solving skills, healing of unwanted psychological and physical conditions, as well as improved spiritual understanding and guidance.

Exploring Your Past Lives with a Professional and Safe Setting

Given the delicate process of exploring one’s past experiences, it is important that individuals explore their past lives in a safe, trusted and professional environment. Working with an experienced hypnotherapist or spiritual guide who is experienced in past life regression can ensure that your exploration is conducted in a safe and healthy manner. This can help to ensure that any painful or traumatic experiences are addressed and fully processed. A professional can also provide insight and guidance on how to best use the insights gained from exploring past life experiences.

Safety When Exploring Past Lives

Exploring past lives can be a powerful experience, but it is important to remain mindful of one’s safety when engaging in this type of exploration. Some people may experience strong emotions or physical discomfort due to the uncovering of a memory from the past. It is important to be aware of these potential reactions and to create a safe and nurturing environment where these reactions can be processed and healed.

If you are considering exploring your past lives, it is important to find an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist or spiritual guide to help you do so in a safe and secure manner.


Exploring one’s past lives can be a powerful and transformative experience, enabling individuals to gain insight into their souls’ journey. By uncovering and healing past trauma, one can develop a greater understanding of their current life and its purpose. It is important to make sure that past life exploration is conducted in a safe environment with an experienced and qualified professional to ensure one’s safety and security.

It should also be noted that past life regression is not intended to replace traditional medical treatments nor is it meant to replace professional psychological treatment. If someone is experiencing mental health issues, they should seek the advice of a trained professional.
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What is the goal of past life regression?

The goal of past life regression is to access the unconscious mind, to gain insight into how experiences from past lives can influence and shape a person’s current life and behavior. Through this therapeutic approach, an individual can gain a better understanding of themselves, explore supernatural phenomena, and heal unresolved conflicts and patterns of behavior. Ultimately, the goal of past life regression is to find peace and harmony in the present.

What are the benefits of past life regression?

1. Gaining insights into the underlying causes of present troubles. By looking at a past life, one can often discover the root of such issues as fears and phobias, physical problems, relationship difficulties, and other issues that can impede progress and success.

2. Improved relationships. By understanding the past lives of loved ones and the karmic connections between them, relationships can become deeper and more meaningful.

3. Increased awareness of spiritual responsibilities. Past life regression can bring greater understanding of the spiritual path and the role we play in the universe.

4. Learning to accept our current life circumstances. Viewing a past life objectively can help us to gain a greater appreciation for our present circumstances.

5. Gaining a greater sense of purpose in life. By revisiting past life experiences, we gain insight into our own destinies and learn to appreciate life’s lessons.

6. Unlocking personal creativity. By connecting with past lives, we can often unlock reservoirs of creative potential that have been lying dormant in the subconscious mind.

7. Healing past trauma. By going back and reliving traumatic events from past lives, we can obtain the closure that eluded us in the past and prepart for a better future.

What is the cost of past life regression?

The cost of past life regression varies depending on the practitioner and the length and type of session. Generally, professionals charge somewhere between $150 and $500 per session.