Passing the Test: Using Tarot to Predict Whether You Will Pass an Exam

What is Tarot?

Tarot is an ancient form of divination, originating in Europe in the mid-1400s as a game and becoming a tool for spiritual exploration and psychic guidance. It is based on the concept that the universe is in a harmonic balance of forces, and that it contains universal truth. Tarot cards are composed of 78 cards arranged in two sections – the Major and Minor Arcana. Each card has its own meaning and interpretation, representing a wide variety of energies, states and cycles. Through using the Tarot, individuals can use these energies to gain insight into their lives and their future.

How Can Tarot Help with Exams?

Tarot can be used as an aid when studying for an exam. Tarot encourages us to look at our subjects from both a macro and micro perspective – to see the bigger picture and to delve deeper into course material. It can bring clarity and insight when tackling difficult exam topics. It can also be used as a tool for predicting how one might score on an exam, or for determining the best approach for achieving success.

Using Tarot to Predict Exam Scores

When using Tarot to predict a score on an exam, various methods may be employed. For example, the traditional method involves selecting specific cards to represent the individual, their lifestyle and their academic potential. The cards can be arranged into a spread, and each card’s interpretation will give an indication of how that individual may perform on the exam. Alternatively, a more abstract approach may be taken. For example, an individual may select one keyword that captures the essence of their hopes and fears for the exam and create a card spread to explore that concept. This can be a powerful tool for revealing the emotional roots of any potential success or failure.

Using Tarot to Guide Strategies for Studying

Tarot can be used as a means of exploring the various strategies, tactics and approaches one may take when preparing for an exam. For example, a Tarot spread could be used to examine how different study strategies may influence success in the exam. Such a spread could reveal if specific topics need to be given to more study time than others, or if an individual’s approach to studying should be adjusted. By taking time to explore this in-depth with Tarot, an individual can identify the best strategies for their particular situation.


Tarot is an ancient way of divination that can be used to gain insight into our lives and our future. It can be used as an aid when studying for an exam, offering guidance, clarity and insight that can help an individual to better understand their course material and strategies for success. Tarot can also be used to predict how an individual may fare on a given exam, and to reveal any emotional blocks or subconscious responses that may be preventing an individual from achieving their full potential.
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What are the benefits of using tarot to predict exam results?

1. It can provide a source of emotional comfort and reassurance during a stressful time.

2. It can provide a general idea of what might happen, allowing you to tailor your study plans accordingly.

3. It can provide a unique and insightful look at your mindset and help you to focus on the strengths and opportunities available to you.

4. It can help to clarify key issues and come up with creative solutions.

5. It can give you a sense of control over your exam outcomes.

6. It can be a fun and interactive way to explore your academic potential.

What advice would you give to someone using tarot to predict exam results?

My advice would be to look at the tarot cards as a tool to help focus your thoughts on the upcoming exam. Consider the cards as a tool to help you gain insight and knowledge into the material and the challenges you will face while taking the exam. Use your intuition and knowledge to interpret the cards and view them as one piece of the bigger puzzle. Remember that tarot cards are merely a reflection of your own energy, so practice positive self-talk and focus on what you know you can do to be successful. Finally, make sure to use tarot readings as part of a holistic approach to studying, as successful exam results come from hard work and dedication.

“What are the most important tarot card meanings to know when predicting exam results?”

The most important tarot card meanings to know when predicting exam results are:

1. The High Priestess – This card symbolizes knowledge, spirituality, and intuition. It indicates that there will be spiritual guidance in achieving the desired result.

2. The Magician – This card stands for creative problem-solving and manifestation. It suggests that you should use creative solutions in order to achieve good exam results.

3. The Hermit – This card is a symbol of introspection, guidance and light in the dark. It means that you need to go within for guidance in order to achieve the desired result.

4. The Tower – This card is a symbol of unexpected and abrupt change. It indicates that unexpected changes might occur, which can affect your exam result.

5. Judgement – This card signifies a sense of urgency and awakening. It suggests that you need to take action in order to achieve the desired result.

6. The Wheel of Fortune – This card symbolizes fate and destiny. It suggests that your fate is in the hands of chance and luck, and the results of your exam may be out of your control.

7. The World – This card is a symbol of completion, success and closure. It suggests that you will achieve success in your exam, and all the work and preparation that you have done will pay off in the end.