Oracle vs. Tarot Cards: Understanding the Differences and Choosing the Right Deck for You


The world of divination has always been a fascinating topic for many people. Its ability to help us gain insight and assistance from higher sources can have a powerful effect on our lives. There is a wide range of divination methods available, from tarot and oracle cards to runes and crystals. This article will explore the differences and similarities between two popular divination methods, Oracle and Tarot cards, and how to choose the right deck for you.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are divinatory tools that provide messages from the divine. Oracle decks usually feature beautiful images that draw on elements of nature, mythology and spirituality. These decks may contain just a few cards or many hundreds. The images often evoke a sense of the divine and the cards can be used to gain guidance and insight.

Unlike tarot cards, oracle cards are not bound by a specific structure or system. Each card may have its own unique message, and the messages provided may be subjective and open to interpretation. Oracle cards are generally easier to use than tarot cards as there is no need to learn a specific system or meaning for each card.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been used by diviners since the 15th century and are the second most popular form of divination after the I Ching. Tarot decks often feature 78 cards, divided into two parts – the Major Arcana, which feature archetypal figures such as the Hanged Man, Death and the Lovers, and the Minor Arcana, which represent different aspects of everyday life, such as relationships, career paths and creative endeavours.

Each tarot card has a specific meaning or message associated with it, and tarot readers use the cards to gain deeper insights into a person’s life. Unlike oracle cards, tarot cards are more complex to use as there is a definite system and structure to each card. Generally speaking, tarot readers will have to put in a greater amount of time and effort to become proficient in the practice.

Choosing a Deck

When it comes to choosing the right divination tool for you, it is important to consider the differences between oracle and tarot cards. Oracle cards can be easier and more intuitive to use, especially if you are a beginner. They are also great for getting quick and easy answers to specific questions. On the other hand, if you are looking for deeper insight and a more structured system, tarot cards may be the better option.

It is also important to consider the feel of the cards. Before you purchase or download a deck, spend some time looking through the images. Are they aesthetically pleasing to you? Do the images speak to you and evoke a feeling of inspiration and connection? If so, that is a good sign that the deck is suitable for you.

It is also helpful to set your intention for the practice. Ask yourself: What is it that I hope to achieve from divination? Do I want clarity and understanding, or do I need support and guidance? Knowing your intention for using the cards can help you to choose the right deck for you.

Using the Cards

Once you have found the right cards for your practice, it is important to get comfortable with them and to begin working with them regularly. Take some time to shuffle and look through the cards and get to know each one. Get familiar with their meanings and images and connect with their energy. Consider what they are trying to tell you. Spend some time asking specific questions and see which cards come up.

It can also be helpful to use creative approaches with your cards. For example, you could create a card spread focusing on a particular situation or question in your life. You could combine tarot and oracle cards to gain a deeper understanding of a situation. Or you could use the cards to create a meditation practice – perhaps selecting a card each day to focus on and meditate with.


Ultimately, divination tools such as oracle and tarot cards can be wonderful ways to connect with the divine and gain insight into our lives. By understanding the differences between the two forms of divination, and taking the time to choose the right cards for you, you will be well on your way to discovering the treasures that these cards can offer.
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Are Tarot cards more appropriate for predicting the future than an Oracle deck?

It depends on what type of predictions you’re looking for and what type of reader you are. Tarot cards are better for more in-depth, detailed predictions that delve into the longer-term future and go beyond simply predicting the near future. Oracle decks tend to focus more on the near future and usually require less interpretation. So depending on what type of predictions you’re looking for, either tarot cards or an oracle deck can be more appropriate.

What considerations should I make when deciding which deck is the best for me?

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What advantages does an Oracle deck offer compared to a Tarot deck?

The main advantage that an Oracle deck offers compared to a Tarot deck is that it is much more flexible and open-ended. Oracle decks are perfect for those who want to customize their readings and create their own interpretation of the cards. Since Oracle decks are not limited to a specific structure and can be made up of any type of card, they can accommodate a variety of approaches and techniques. Also, since Oracle decks don’t have any specific imagery associated with them, they are easier to interpret than Tarot decks.

How do Tarot cards differ from Oracle cards in terms of their assigned meanings?

Tarot cards and Oracle cards both deal with representations of elements of life and use illustrations to give intuitive insight. However, the main difference between the two is that Tarot cards are divided into suits and are assigned specific meanings and interpretations, while Oracle cards are not divided into suits and are more intuitively interpreted by the user. Tarot cards typically have a call-and-response approach, where a card is drawn, and the interpretation is based off of the other cards in the reading to provide a more detailed element. Oracle cards have a more freeform interpretation, with more of the power being placed in the user’s intuition.

What is the difference between Oracle and Tarot cards?

Oracle cards are tools to help people tap into their intuition, tap into their own inner wisdom and gain clarity around a question. They’re not meant to predict the future, instead they’re used to gain insight and explore different possibilities. Tarot cards are a form of divination and fortune-telling that uses a deck of 78 cards with different symbolic meanings which are used to explore present, past and future life events. Tarot readings can provide insight, explore different possibilities and help guide difficult decisions.