Oracle or Tarot: Which Should You Start With?

Oracle or Tarot: What Should You Start With?

When trying to decide between learning about oracles and tarot, it can seem overwhelming. Both are powerful tools for gaining insight and intuition, connecting with the divine, and creating conscious change in your life. But which should you start with? Here’s a few key considerations to help you decide.

Cost Considerations

When starting to learn something new, the cost can often be a deciding factor. Oracle cards tend to be the more affordable option–a set of Oracle cards will typically cost between $20-$50. Tarot decks are generally more expensive, ranging from $50-$200, and there can also be quite a wide variety of options to choose from.

What Purpose Do You Want It For?

Are you looking for a system for doing deep personal transformation, or would you rather just use it as a divination tool? Tarot cards can be used for both purposes, and some people enjoy the complexity of the symbolism, archetypes, and court cards. Oracle cards, on the other hand, are simpler by comparison, and usually focus on self-empowerment and advice.

Do You Enjoy Symbols and Imagery?

Many people enjoy the symbolism and visual images in tarot cards, while some find the complex interpretations daunting. Oracle cards contain simpler and more personal meaning, and can be a good choice for those who are looking for direct advice and guidance.

Which Calls to You More?

At the end of the day, it really comes down to which type resonates with you more. Do you feel drawn to the images, symbols and stories of the tarot, or to the words, affirmations and advice of the oracle?

To help you decide, try meditating with each type and noticing what feelings, visions and messages come through.


So, which should you start with? Oracle or Tarot? Ultimately, it’s up to you. Whether you’re looking for an insightful divination tool, or one for doing deep personal work and transformation, either can be a powerful choice. By considering cost considerations, understanding the purpose, and tuning into which one calls to you more, you can make a decision that’s in alignment with your needs and desires.
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What are some tips for beginning to read Oracle and Tarot cards?

First, familiarize yourself with the various symbols, icons and metaphors associated with the cards. Familiarize yourself with the suits in the Oracle cards and the meanings associated with them. Learn the meaning of different Tarot card combinations. Practice visualization techniques, such as meditating to gain insight into the cards. Utilize established methods of card reading, such as the Celtic Cross, or try formulating your own methods. Ask yourself open-ended questions that relate to a specific situation or issue you are exploring, and then begin to interpret the cards by looking for clues and associations. Lastly, if you feel stuck in your interpretations, try asking yourself how the cards might be answers from the subconscious.

What are the main differences between an Oracle and Tarot deck?

The main differences between an Oracle deck and a Tarot deck are the number of cards, their symbolism, and the way the cards are interpreted. An Oracle deck typically has fewer cards than a Tarot Deck, usually ranging from 38 to 120 cards, and the symbols are generally more abstract and open to interpretation. Tarot decks typically consist of 78 cards with distinct and detailed meanings, which are more rigidly interpreted. Likewise, Oracle card readings are more open and are often used to provide general guidance with a focus on the querent’s feelings and intentions. Tarot readings generally involve more in-depth analysis of a situation and a specific future outcome.

What are some good Oracle and Tarot decks for beginners?

Oracle decks:

-Mystical Wisdom Oracle by North South Books

-Motherpeace Tarot by Vicki Noble

-The Sacred Rose Oracle by MJ Cullinane

Tarot decks:

-Rider-Waite Smith Tarot by A.E. Waite

-The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

-The Cosmic Tarot by Norb and Kari Borgerson

Are there certain questions that are better suited for Oracle or Tarot readings?

Yes, generally speaking, certain types of questions will be more suited to Oracle or Tarot readings. Oracle readings are best for questions about general life guidance and spiritual direction, such as “What is my life purpose?”, “What should I be focusing on today?” or “What spiritual lesson am I meant to be learning?” Tarot readings, on the other hand, are better suited for more specific questions about relationships, career, finances, and health. For example, “Will I get a raise at work?” or “Will my relationship work out in the end?”

What is the difference between oracle cards and tarot cards?

Oracle cards are a more modern form of divination tools, developed in the late 20th century. They rely on symbols, often from mythology and indigenous cultures, and generally do not use a structured spread like tarot cards. Oracle cards can be used to get a general idea of the atmosphere of a given situation or to see an overall pattern of energy or events related to a topic. They are often seen as more intuitive and less structured than tarot cards. Tarot cards are traditional divination tools that use a structured spread of 78 cards (Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and Courts) to tell the story of the topic in its present state, obstacles, and potential outcome. Their structure is more specific and interpretive than oracle cards, and generally easier to learn than tarot cards. They have been used since the 15th century in Europe.

“What is the origin of tarot cards?”

The origin of tarot cards is thought to date back to the mid-15th century in northern Italy. Tarot cards were initially used as part of a card game similar to modern day bridge, and the pictures on the cards were symbolic and related to different aspects of life. During the 18th century, tarot cards became increasingly popular as a tool for divination and esoteric practices. People believed they could use the symbolism on the cards to gain insight into questions they had about the past, present or future. Today, tarot cards are widely used by people seeking guidance and spiritual insight.

What do tarot card readings reveal?

Tarot card readings are not intended to be predictive, providing glimpses of the future or predicting what will happen in a person’s life. Instead, they are used to help people gain insight into their own personal journey, to look at the paths they may take, and explore the possibilities before them. Tarots are designed to reflect the current situation and provide guidance and understanding in difficult times. They can reveal both subconscious and conscious aspects of the individual and help people to come to an awareness of their own depths of emotions and the truths within them.