Navigating Relationships: Insights from the Relationship Spread in Tarot


Relationships are an important part of life. Whether it be with our family, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners, relationships can be difficult to navigate. The Relationship Spread in Tarot can provide insights and guidance when dealing with relationship issues. This spread can help shed light on existing relationships, potential relationships, and any conflicts or misunderstandings that may arise.

What Is the Relationship Spread in Tarot?

The Relationship Spread in Tarot is a popular spread used to evaluate and gain insight into the energies of relationships. This spread consists of nine cards that are laid out in a grid-like formation. Each card has its own meaning and interpretation depending on its position within the grid.

How Is the Spread Interpreted?

The Relationship Spread in Tarot can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Generally, the cards are interpreted according to their placement within the spread. For example, the center card, which typically corresponds to the relationship itself, may represent an overall energy or feel of the relationship. The cards surrounding the center cards may provide additional information, such as how both partners can best support or interact with each other. The cards in the corners may offer insight into potential issues in the relationship or aspects the relationship can improve upon.

Using the Spread

The Relationship Spread in Tarot can provide guidance on a wide range of issues within a relationship. It is a great tool for gaining valuable insights into the dynamics between two people. Additionally, it can be helpful in forecasting how the relationship will grow and develop over time.


The Relationship Spread in Tarot can be a useful tool for understanding relationships, both existing and potential. It provides insight into the relationship dynamics between two people, as well as helping to assess potential issues in the relationship. This spread can be used as a means of gaining insight, giving guidance, and learning more about the relationship.
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What are the major arcana cards in the relationship spread in Tarot?

The major arcana cards most commonly used in relationship readings in Tarot are The Lovers, The Hierophant, Strength, Justice, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, and Temperance.

What correspondences can be drawn between each of the major arcana cards in the relationship spread in Tarot?

The Emperor and the High Priestess: These two cards represent structure and stability, showing a clear connection between both the physical and spiritual worlds. The Emperor is a symbol of leadership, discipline, and power, while the High Priestess stands for intuition, femininity, and wisdom. Together, they signify that there is a union of the physical and spiritual within the relationship, and that each one must learn to balance the two.

The Chariot and the Empress: These two cards are about taking control of the situation, showing that each partner must be firm in their decisions while also allowing one another to be open and honest. The Chariot symbolizes strength and determination, while the Empress stands for protection, nurturing, and compassion. Together, they reveal the importance of understanding and communication in a relationship.

The Hierophant and the Lovers: These two cards symbolize the relationship to be based on love and mutual understanding. The Hierophant offers spiritual guidance, reminding us to look inward for guidance and follow our own internal truth. The Lovers represent compromise and connection, showing that it is important to be aware of each other’s needs and values and to strive for equilibrium in the relationship.

The Wheel of Fortune and the Hermit: These two cards show the need to accept change and move forward. The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder to take risks and embrace new experiences, while the Hermit encourages personal growth and self-discovery. Together, they emphasize that each person must strive to learn and grow in order to maintain the relationship.

What interpretations can be made from the Tarot relationship spread of the major arcana cards?

The Tarot relationship spread of the major arcana cards can provide insight into the dynamics of a relationship and can provide guidance to both parties. The cards that appear in the spread can suggest areas such as the growth of the relationship, emotional needs, and potential challenges. Additionally, the cards can suggest things that may need to be addressed to help the relationship move forward in a positive direction. The interpretations of the cards can give the two people in the relationship a deeper understanding of where the relationship has been, and where it may be going in the future.