Meaning of the Justice Tarot Card: Seeking Truth and Balance


The Justice Tarot card is an enlightening card that suggest a process of making sound judgments and decisions. It represents the concept of fairness, balance, and seeking truth in all aspects of life. Justice symbolizes karmic justice, which means that there will be rewards and punishments for actions taken and decisions made.


The Justice card is associated with describing strong qualities such as individuality, fairness, and impartiality. These qualities are seen by those who have attained a level of understanding of the law of cause and effect. It is believed that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Upright Meaning

When viewed Upright, the Justice card symbolizes balance, fairness, and truth. It suggests that there is contentment in life due to all actions having an understanding of legal repercussions that come as a result. It emphasizes the idea of cause and effect as well as the acceptance of responsibility.

Reversed Meaning

When viewed Reversed, the Justice card can be indicative of negative consequences that stem from impulsive and misinformed decisions. This can be a result of not seeking truth and allowing themselves to succumb to a life of chaos and disorder. It suggests confusion, imbalance, and evasion of responsibility.


The Justice card, whether viewed Upright or Reversed, is a powerful lesson that encourages individuals to stay true to their moral code and live a balanced life. It represents the importance of seeking truth, fairness, and balance in all aspects of life. Those who abide by these principles will find that they can live a life of contentment and peace.
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What does the Justice Tarot card symbolize?

The Justice Tarot card symbolizes justice, fairness, balance, integrity, objectivity, and the power of truth. It is a reminder of our responsibility to honor truth and living in accordance with our highest ideals. The card encourages us to have a clear and consistent ethical code and to always act with fairness and integrity in all our interactions.

What does Justice in the Tarot signify?

In the Tarot, Justice signifies balance, fairness, and objectivity. It can also be a reminder to make sure that one’s actions are guided by the principles of fairness and justice. Justice is often associated with the law, legal matters, contracts, or disputes, and indicates that a resolution will be reached soon.

What is the meaning of Justice in the Tarot Card?

Justice in the Tarot Card is a card associated with fairness, objectivity, equality, and balance. It is a reminder that both justice and responsibility go hand-in-hand and imply that any action taken should be with an eye to the consequences. Ultimately, Justice serves as a reminder that we each have an incredible and important responsibility to weigh every decision we make with fairness and objectivity.