Love and Tarot: Does He Love Me? Insights for 2022

Love and Tarot: Does He Love Me? Insights for 2022


Love and tarot have been intertwined for centuries, each providing our lives with meaning, insight, and clarity. Thousands of years ago, tarot was first used as a way of divining one’s future and connecting to the spiritual realm. Today, many people turn to tarot to seek guidance and clarity in regards to their relationship with others. One of the most popular questions is, “Does he love me?” This article will discuss tarot readings as they relate to love and provide insight into the potential answers to the question: “Does he love me?” in the year 2022.

The Love Tarot Deck

The tarot has evolved over the years and now includes a wide range of decks and spreads, but one of the most popular is the love tarot deck. This specialized tarot deck centers around matters of the heart and is especially helpful for getting deep insight into a romantic relationship. Including both upright and reversed cards, the cards can provide insight into the current nature of the relationship, future possibilities, and whether or not the queried person may be feeling strongly about the other.

The Tarot Spread

Once the type of tarot deck is chosen, the next step is to select a tarot spread. A tarot spread is a way of arranging the cards so that they can provide greater insight into the situation being asked about. The 3-card spread is one of the most popular spreads for the love tarot and is composed of three cards: the past, the present, and the future.

The card that represents the past reveals any patterns of behavior or blocks that have been factors in the current relationship. This card can also provide insight into unresolved issues or other things that may have kept the relationship from growing into something more.

The card that describes the present is the heart of the tarot spread and gives an indication of where the relationship stands in the present moment. It is important not to focus too much on the literal interpretation of the card, as it is often a reflection of the spiritual and emotional energies that are at work in the relationship.

The final card in the spread, which represents the future, offers insight into the potential that exists within the relationship and where it could go in the next few years. This card is especially important for those who are asking the question, “Does he love me?” as it can provide a glimpse into the future of the relationship and what possibilities may be present.

Tarot Readings for the Question “Does He Love Me?” in 2022

Asking the question “Does he love me?” is a common one for those wanting to gain insight into a relationship, and for those in 2022, the tarot can offer great insight. For example, if the past card in the three-card spread is the Page of Cups, then it indicates that there are unresolved issues from the past that have been preventing the relationship from growing. This could mean that the relationship has been stagnant for some time, or that the queried person needs to work through some things in order to move forward.

The card representing the present could be the Three of Cups, indicating a balanced, healthy relationship that is adapting to new challenges. This could mean that the sentiment of love is present in the relationship, though it may be more of an appreciation rather than a burning passion. Lastly, if the future card is the Knight of Cups, then it could be a sign that things may be shifting in the relationship, and that one or both individuals could be ready to take the relationship to a deeper level.

Types of Tarot Readings for Love

When looking to gain insight into a love relationship, the tarot can provide a variety of other readings as well. For example, the Celtic Cross spread is a ten-card spread that provides a more in-depth look into both the queried individual and their partner’s feelings for one another. Questions such as, “How does he feel about me?”, “Where is this relationship going?”, and “What can I do to take things to the next level?” can all be answered by this spread. Additionally, there are single-card readings that can give a general overview of the sentiment of a relationship without digging too deep into the complexities.


Love and tarot are intertwined, and thousands of people use the tarot to gain insight into the sentiment of a relationship. The love tarot deck is designed to bring clarity and understanding to matters of the heart, and the 3-card spread is a popular choice for those wanting to explore the question, “Does he love me?” in 2022. Additionally, tarot cards can be used to answer questions such as, “How does he feel about me?”, “Where is this relationship headed?”, and “What can I do to take things to the next level?”. Ultimately, tarot is an excellent tool for exploring the complex and ever-evolving emotions of love.