Justice Card Tarot: Embracing Fairness and Balance

Introduction to Justice Card Tarot

The Justice card tarot is one of the seven tarot cards that represent the archetypal forces in the universe. This tarot card reflects the energy of balance, fairness, and objectivity. In tarot readings, the Justice card is used to help the querent (the person asking for advice) gain clarity and insight around a difficult situation.

Symbols Associated with Justice

The Justice card tarot card is often shown with images of a judge or a ruler seated in a throne, wearing a blindfold. This symbolizes impartiality and equality. The Justice card also typically includes two sets of scales, which are used to represent fairness and balance. These symbols represent the importance of using thoughtful and objective decision making, even when we may be going through difficult times.

How the Justice Card Tarot Helps Us Find Balance

When we have a difficult situation, it can be hard to make decisions from a place of fairness and balance. The Justice tarot card encourages us to look at a situation from all angles, weigh our options, and use our knowledge and experience to gain clarity. This card can also signify that there are consequences for our actions and that we should consider them when faced with important choices.

Using the Justice Card Tarot in Readings

The Justice card tarot can be a powerful tool for readings. It can help us make decisions based on what is fair and reasonable. It can also help us come to peace with difficult consequences. Furthermore, it can give us insight into how all sides of a situation fit together and can be used to find solutions that everyone can accept.


The Justice card tarot encourages us to look at a situation from a balanced and impartial perspective. It can help us make decisions based on fairness and objectivity, and it can also give us the clarity we need to understand how all sides of a situation fit together. By using the Justice card tarot, we can ensure that our decisions are honoring the importance of fairness, balance, and justice for all.

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What are the main principles of the Justice Card Tarot?

The main principles of the Justice Card Tarot are:

1. Balance: There is a need to look at a situation objectively and fairly.

2. Cause and effect: Every action has a result, and it is up to us to weigh the consequences of our actions.

3. Fairness: Justice is best served with fairness, justice, and impartiality.

4. Truth: We must all seek after the truth, even if it conflicts with our own personal beliefs.

5. Integrity: We must act with integrity and honesty and never engage in deception.

6. Compassion: We must have empathy, understanding, and compassion for others.

7. Wisdom: Our decisions and judgments should be guided by wisdom and understanding.

What does the Justice Card Tarot represent?

The Justice card in the tarot is a card of truth and balance, depicting balance, justice, and fairness. The card speaks to the importance of finding harmony in life between moral obligations and personal obligations. It encourages people to be fair and discerning in their actions and decisions and to strive to achieve a balance between the head and the heart. The Justice card speaks to the importance of uncovering the truth in any given situation and being honest in your dealings. It is a reminder that life is a delicate balance and requires careful attention to details with consideration of all points of view.

What is the meaning of the Justice card in tarot readings?

The Justice tarot card is associated with objectivity, fairness, truth, integrity, and honesty. This card symbolizes the need to consider both sides of an argument before making a decision. It suggests that the time for assessment and contemplation is over and that judgment needs to be made. It can also represent karma, or the universal law of cause and effect, as we are reminded that every action has a reaction. Ultimately, this card asks us to make the right decision, even if it may be the hard one.