Is He My Soulmate? A Tarot Spread for Discovering Your True Love


Are you desperately searching for the answer to the question “Is he my soulmate?” Your instinct tells you that you have finally found your true love, but somehow you can’t make complete sense of it? If this sounds like your situation, then tarot reading could offer you the answers you need.

The tarot has been used since ancient times as a tool for discovering life’s hidden secrets. It can be used to explore relationships, gain insight into the future, and help to make decisions. The cards are shuffled and spread out in a specific pattern, called a Tarot spread. The spread reflects the past, present, and future and shows the influences and influences of relationships in the life of the person consulting the tarot.

Benefits of tarot readings for relationships

Relationships are hugely important to us, and it can be difficult to make sense of the emotions that come with being in a relationship. Tarot readings can help to provide insight into the dynamics of a relationship, and to better understand both partners. Tarot readings can help to answer questions about even the most complex romantic relationships.

Tarot readings can be extremely helpful in providing clarity, highlighting areas of strength, and weaknesses. This can provide guidance on whether there is potential for a relationship to develop successfully.

Is He My Soulmate: A Tarot Spread for Discovering True Love

The Is He My Soulmate Tarot Spread is a seven-card spread specifically designed to help someone find an answer to the question “Is he my soulmate?”. The spread incorporates aspects of the past, present, and future and shows the various influences that may be present.

Step 1: Choose your cards

Begin by selecting a Tarot deck that resonates with you and shuffle the cards. Then, select seven cards from the deck and spread them out in the Is He My Soulmate Tarot Spread. Position one card in the center, which represents the present situation. Place the remaining six cards around the central card in a circle with three cards on each side.

Step 2: Interpret the seven cards of the spread

Card 1 (right of the Center card):
This card represents the current feelings in the relationship. What is the energy surrounding the relationship? Are there any obstacles that may be standing in the way?

Card 2 (upper right):
This card represents the obstacles that may be in the way of development. What is blocking the two of you from moving forward? What must be dealt with in order to move forward?

Card 3 (upper left):
This card represents both partners in the relationship. What can each partner bring to the relationship? How can each partner help the relationship to grow and evolve?

Card 4 (center):
This card represents the present situation and the potential for a future relationship. Is the potential for a successful relationship present? Is it possible to transcend any obstacles or negative influences in the way?

Card 5 (lower left):
This card represents the outcome of the relationship. How will the relationship develop in months or even years to come? Is this the relationship you want to be a part of?

Card 6 (lower right):
This card represents the consequences of the relationship. What will the results or repercussions be if the relationship fails or succeeds?

Card 7 (last card):
This card summarises the overall outcome of the Is He My Soulmate Tarot Spread by presenting a more cohesive view of the future. What do all these cards tell you in relation to the question you asked?


The Is He My Soulmate Tarot Spread is a powerful tool for discovering the answer to the question “Is he my soulmate?”. By interpreting the individual cards, as well as the overall spread, you can get a better understanding of the dynamics of any relationship. Tarot readings can provide vital insights that can help to make more informed decisions and move forward with confidence.
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What are the different cards used in a tarot spread for finding a soulmate?

– The first card is the Strength card, which is the main card of the spread and indicates the strength of a potential soulmate and their inner reserves.

– The second card is the Star card, which stands for hope and shows that a soulmate is out there.

– The third card is the Lovers card, which suggests a loving and compatible relationship is on the horizon.

– The fourth card is the Two of Cups card, which indicates harmony, romance and strong mutual understanding among two people.

– The fifth card is the Ace of Cups card, which signifies pure, unconditional love and the potential for lasting relationships.

– The last card is the Three of Cups card, which suggests the joy and celebration shared when a soulmate is found.

What types of questions can I ask when doing a tarot spread for finding a soulmate?

1. What strengths do I possess that can help me attract my ideal soulmate?

2. What qualities should I look for in a potential soulmate?

3. What qualities do I have that can help form a successful bond?

4. What qualities would most help me connect to my soulmate on a deeper level?

5. Where and how can I most likely meet my soulmate?

6. How can I prepare myself mentally and spiritually for joining with my soulmate?

7. What is the biggest obstacle standing in the way of me finding my soulmate?

8. What do I need to change within myself in order to attract the right soulmate?

9. How can I best hone my emotional and spiritual skills to embody my highest self when connecting with my soulmate?

10. What steps can I take to more quickly manifest my soulmate?