Insight into His Mind: The ‘What is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread

Understanding Your Partner with the ‘What Is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread

Whenever a relationship hits a bump, we all wonder what our partner is really thinking. We might find it hard to read the signals, and frustration can often build up without the other person even knowing. In this situation, the ‘What Is He Thinking’ tarot spread can provide an insight and expose the real emotions that they might be too scared to admit. Tarot cards can be used to unravel the deeper meanings of a situation in a very non-confrontational way.

What Can Be Revealed by the ‘What Is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread?

The ‘What Is He Thinking’ tarot spread is made up of 10 cards. Each is used to gain insight into a particular area of your partner’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour. The spread helps to uncover their:

  • Surface thoughts
  • Deepest feelings
  • Motives and intentions
  • Unspoken desires

You can ask the cards a specific question, or simply use the spread to get a greater understanding of your partner’s mood and perspective. Depending on the type of cards you use, the specifics of the reading may differ. But typically, the sections of the spread will include issues such as love, communication, commitment and loyalty.

The Process of Doing a Tarot Reading for ‘What Is He Thinking’

For this particular tarot spread, you will need to begin by shuffling your deck. When done, lay out the 10 cards in a crossing pattern, with four in the center.

This is a method known as ‘The Celtic Cross’ and can provide some of the strongest and most insightful interpretations. Meaning can be found from each card related to the one next to it. Once complete, you will have gained a holistic view of the complete situation.

Interpreting the Cards for the ‘What Is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread

Once the cards are laid out in the spread, you can begin the process of interpretation. To do this, look at each card individually and the meaning it holds. Consider how it relates to the cards around it, and how it contributes to the overall reading.

Any Major Arcana cards you come across will require particular attention. Sometimes, these cards can be of a more serious nature and require further examination.

Implementing Insights Gained from the ‘What Is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread

Once you have the reading, you can begin to use the insights to form a plan of action. If the cards indicate that your partner may be feeling a certain way, try discussing your concerns without confrontation. Using this approach, you can gain a better understanding of their perspective and come to some kind of resolution.

Whether you’re resolving problems or trying to gain true insight into a relationship, the ‘What Is He Thinking’ tarot spread can provide valuable insights without any confrontation. By interpreting each card and its meaning within the context of the reading, you can get real understanding into what your partner is thinking and use it to your advantage.

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How can the ‘What is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread help to better understand someone’s emotional state?

The “What is He Thinking” Tarot Spread can provide insight into the emotions of the person being read for. It can provide valuable insight into the feelings and thoughts they may be experiencing, and can help to uncover any underlying motivations or needs that are not readily apparent. By gaining insight into these emotions and motivations, you can gain a better understanding of the other person’s state of mind and how best to approach them emotionally.

How does the interpretation of the ‘What is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread differ from traditional tarot readings?

The ‘What is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread is a more focused reading that helps to reveal the motives and intentions behind a particular situation in the querent’s life. This spread delivers a more in-depth look at specific elements that may be rooted in a person’s emotions, feelings and behaviors, which are all relevant to the current situation. In comparison to traditional tarot readings which have a more general overview in attempts to identify, pattern and predict future events, this spread is tailored specifically to uncovering the thought processes within a particular situation.

What cards from the tarot spread can reveal insight into a person’s thought process?

The cards from a tarot spread that can provide insight into a person’s thought process include the High Priestess, The Magician, The Chariot, Justice, Strength, The Hermit, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Star. All of these cards can help provide insight into how a person is processing and interpreting their experiences. The High Priestess and The Magician cards, in particular, signify a person’s ability to access their inner knowledge and intuition to make decisions, while The Chariot card can indicate a person’s focus on setting and achieving goals. The Justice card alludes to a person’s sense of judgment, while the Strength card can indicate their capacity for facing and overcoming obstacles. The Hermit card symbolizes a person’s exploration of their inner truth, while The Wheel of Fortune can show the role of chance or luck in a person’s life. Lastly, The Star card can be a sign of a person’s optimism and hope for the future.

How does this particular tarot spread differ from other methods of attempting to gain insight into someone’s mind?

The tarot spread is different from other methods because it is an interpretive practice that goes beyond simply guessing the outcome of a certain event. Instead, the tarot spread provides a way of viewing the current situation from a holistic perspective. It can reveal connections and patterns between events, give direction and insight into one’s motivations and choices, and can provide guidance as to the best course of action. Tarot is unique in that it relies on intuition, symbolism and guided visualization as opposed to analytical thought in order to gain insights.

What is the purpose of the ‘What is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread?

The ‘What is He Thinking’ Tarot Spread is a four card spread that is used to help uncover the true feelings, feelings, intentions, and thoughts of a specific person (usually a romantic partner). This spread can address any emotional issue that is causing confusion or discomfort in a relationship. By using this spread, individuals can gain insight into how that person is feeling, how they might be interpreting what is going on around them, and what might be blocking them from communicating openly.