How to Tell if Your Tarot Deck Likes You: Signs of a Strong Connection

Signs of a Strong Connection with a Tarot Deck

Tarot readings are an ancient form of divination practiced since the 14th century. Since then, seekers of truth and knowledge have used the Tarot to explore their life experiences and intuitions. A Tarot reader may create a special bond – a strong connection – with the cards they use in the readings they give. Learning to identify the signs of a strong connection with a Tarot deck will open new realms of discovery in your readings.

Card Quality

The quality of the paper and printing of the cards affects the fluidity of the readings. Look for tarot cards with a sturdy, thick paper that doesn’t scrunch when handled. Cards that contain a glossy coating will be more reflective, which can inspire intuitive readings. Crisp lines, vivid colors, and well-defined images all help with the clarity of your readings.

Symbolic Meaning

The card’s symbols help connect you to the deeper spiritual realms and the energy being shared through the images. All Tarot decks have intricate meanings that reflect upon the card’s symbolism. When giving your readings, look out for cards that strike a special chord with you. Since spiritual energies exist outside the physical plane, this is the perfect chance to make a strong connection with the deck.

Getting Favorable Readings

Accurate readings help build trust and confidence in yourself and the deck. To determine if a strong connection exists between yourself and the deck, see if you’re getting favorable readings in a short span of time. Not only should you be able to interpret the card images easily, but be sure to also note if any of your readings are consistently in line with each other.

Strong Emotional Reactions

When the cards make a direct connection to your emotions, that’s a sure sign of a strong bond. Expressions of emotion can be very powerful in the tarot and cards that elicit strong reactions like joy, surprise, or anxiety. These are all indicators of a deeply experiential connection.

Understanding Intuitive Messages

If you have a major breakthrough in understanding the message of a Tarot card, treat this as a sign of a strong connection. Tune in to the additional images and emotions that arise naturally. Noticing strong intuitive messages can help confirm that you’re on the right track with your interpretations and Tarot readings.


Having a strong connection to your Tarot deck will help open up your readings to new depths of insight and clarity. Be sure to explore the spiritual core behind the card images and look out for signs of a special bond forming. With practice, patience, and knowledge of the cards, you’ll soon be able to read Tarot like a master!
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What kind of energy can I expect to feel when I’m using a tarot deck that I’m in sync with?

The feeling of being connected to the tarot deck will depend on the individual. Some people might feel a heightened sense of intuition and creativity, while others might experience a sense of peace or connection with their higher self. The key to feeling in sync with a tarot deck is to find one that resonates with you. Spend some time exploring different tarot decks, reading up on their meanings, and connecting deeply with the cards to see how they make you feel. As you devote your energy and attention to the deck, you should be able to establish a deeper connection with the tarot and experience its energy in a way that moves and inspires you.

What are some common signs that my tarot deck is not compatible with me?

Some of the most common signs that a tarot deck may not be compatible with you include difficult readings, a lack of connection or understanding with particular cards, a feeling of emotional detachment, or an inability to draw on your intuition during readings. In some cases, it can also be helpful to pay attention to the physical feel of the cards and the artwork, as these can be indications that you and the deck may not be suited to each other.

Are there any tips or techniques that I can use to foster a stronger connection with my tarot deck?

Yes! Here are a few tips and techniques you could use to foster a connection with your tarot deck:

1. Communicate with it: You don’t have to read tarot to get in contact with your tarot cards. You can talk to them like you would a friend. Ask them questions, introduce yourself, and take time to get to know them.

2. Acknowledge it: Every time you pull out your tarot cards, take a moment to acknowledge and thank them for their presence and for the insight they may offer you.

3. Keep it safe: Tarot cards are powerful and should be treated with respect. Keep your cards in a safe place and never use them when you feel angry or distressed.

4. Run your hands over it: Connecting to your tarot cards using your sense of touch can be powerful. Take some time to slowly run your hands over your tarot cards as a way to connect to them on an energetic level.

5. Spend time with it: Spend time with your tarot deck on a regular basis. Read your cards for yourself, look through them, study them, and bond with them. This is the quickest way to build a connection with them.

What indications can I look for that would signify my tarot deck is connecting with me?

One indication that your tarot deck may be connecting with you is that you start to feel a strong connection to the cards. You may start to feel more comfortable and familiar with the cards, feeling as if they are communicating a message to you. You may also experience intuitive feelings about the cards, feelings that come from within that you can’t explain. You might start to feel a sense of comfort and connection when you meditate with or perform readings with the cards. Finally, you may find your readings become more accurate and in-depth, as your understanding and connection with the tarot cards deepens.

What are some signs that a tarot deck is “speaking” to me?

1. You feel a strong personal connection to the deck.

2. You keep coming back to the same cards when reading spreads.

3. You just have a feeling that it understands you and your needs.

4. You keep feeling inspired when shuffling and laying out the cards.

5. You find yourself connecting to the symbolism in the cards and feeling a deep connection with the images.

6. You experience a strong emotional response when looking at a particular card.

7. You find yourself getting chills when you spread the cards.

8. You can’t help but sense a deeper meaning behind each card.

9. You find yourself quickly connecting to the cards and understanding what they are saying.

10. You find that the tarot cards become a source of inner wisdom and enlightenment.