How to Say Tarot Correctly: Pronunciation Guide

Tarot Pronunciation Guide

Tarot cards are a powerful tool used by millions of people around the world to gain insight into their lives and the lives of those around them. Knowing how to pronounce the words associated with tarot cards is an important part of understanding the tarot, as well as an important part of being a knowledgeable tarot reader. This guide is designed to help you learn how to pronounce tarot terms correctly.


The pronunciation of the word “Ace” is Ah-ss. This is the same pronunciation for all forms of the word, such as “Aces” and “Aces of Swords.”


Arcana is pronounced ah-kah-nah. This is a very important term in tarot, as it refers to the 78 cards in the tarot deck.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is pronounced mah-jah-r ah-kah-nah. This is the 22-card subset of the Tarot deck that is considered the most important.

Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are the different positions and layouts used to cast a Tarot reading. This term is pronounced tah-rot spredz.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a subset of the Tarot deck that is used for a different type of divination. This term is pronounced oh-rah-kuhl kahrdz.

Major Suit

The four “Major Suits” of the tarot deck are Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentacles. These four suits are pronounced as follows:

  • Swords: Saw-rdz
  • Wands: Waa-ndz
  • Cups: Kuh-ps
  • Pentacles: Pen-tuh-kuh-lz

Minor Suit

The four Minor Suits of the Tarot deck are the same as the four Major Suits, but each with a different pronunciation. These four suits are pronounced as follows:

  • Swords: Saw-r-dz
  • Wands: Waw-ndz
  • Cups: Koo-ps
  • Pentacles: Pen-tah-cleez


Understanding the correct pronunciation of Tarot-related words is essential for any knowledgeable Tarot reader. This guide has provided a basic introduction to the most common words and phrases associated with Tarot and their correct pronunciations. With a little practice, you’ll soon be pronouncing Tarot terms like a pro!
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How do the meanings of tarot cards relate to their correct pronunciations?

The meanings of tarot cards may vary depending on the tradition, culture and interpretation, but the correct pronunciation is usually essential for understanding the card’s message. Most tarot cards are named with jargon from classical languages such as Latin, Italian, or French, and so the correct pronunciation is important for accurately conveying the card’s name and its associated meaning. For example, the tarot card ‘La Force’ is French for ‘The Strength’ and is pronounced as ‘lah for-say’. Knowing this pronunciation gives insight into the card’s meaning by referring to the biblical story of Samson, which draws strength and courage from an inner source.

What is the correct pronunciation of the tarot card name “Death”?

The correct pronunciation of the tarot card name “Death” is “deth”.

What is the best way to practice pronouncing tarot card titles?

The best way to practice pronouncing tarot card titles is to learn the meanings of the cards and use them as reference points. Try listening to audio recordings of tarot readings, or make your own recordings while reading tarot books. When reading tarot books, pause frequently to practice saying the names of each tarot card aloud. You can also practice with a friend or tarot mentor who can give you feedback on correct pronunciations.

Are there special pronunciation rules for foreign tarot card names?

National languages may have slightly different pronunciations for tarot card names, so it is best to look up the correct pronunciation of the specific tarot card in the language that you are using. Generally, foreign card names should be pronounced as closely as possible to how they are spelled. However, if a card has a name which includes multiple syllables, then it is often helpful to follow the phonetic spelling of the name which can be found online for many foreign tarot card names.

What is the difference between Tarot and Tarot cards?

Tarot is a type of card reading that involves a deck of cards with specific meanings and symbols. Tarot cards are the physical cards used in a Tarot reading. Tarot is an intuitive and insightful approach to get a detailed answer on a wide range of topics, while the Tarot cards are just the tools used to help in the Tarot reading.

“What is the meaning of tarot cards?”

Tarot cards are a set of cards created in the mid-15th century and used primarily for divination. They typically consist of 78 cards split into two groups, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Each card has its own unique meaning, and a skilled tarot reader can use them to gain insight into the life of their reader and make predictions about the future.

What is the origin of tarot cards?

The origin of tarot cards is unclear and has been the subject of much debate. The traditional tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into two sections: 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. It has been suggested that tarot cards were first used in Italy during the 15th century, while others argue they may have originated in Egypt, India, or China. To this day, the origin of tarot cards remains a mystery.

What types of tarot cards are there?

There are many types of tarot decks, with the most common being Rider-Waite, Marseille, and Thoth. Other popular decks include Lenormand, Animal Spirit, Kipper, Pagan Otherworlds, or Goddess Tarot. Each of these decks has slightly different interpretations and reaches its own conclusions. It is important to understand the meaning in the cards before one can properly utilize them.

What is the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards?

Tarot cards are sets of 78 cards which feature major and minor arcana. They are all infused with a sense of timeless, mythical wisdom and use symbols of symbols and archetypes as a form to represent moral, philosophical, or spiritual topics. Oracle cards, on the other hand, contain a more varied set of cards, typically with more specific messages. Oracle cards draw their names and messages from many diverse spiritual sources, but often have wildlife, natural imagery, or fairies as their main themes. Oracle cards are more widely used for general guidance and personal affirmation.

What are the similarities between tarot cards and oracle cards?

Both tarot and oracle cards are tools of divination used for personal insight and guidance. Both decks contain images and symbols, which act as triggers for creativity and intuition. They both can offer a glimpse into present issues, likely outcomes and possible solutions.