How to Do a Fertility Tarot Reading: A Guide to Using Tarot for Family Planning and Conception

Using Tarot for Fertility and Family Planning

Fertility-related questions are some of the most commonly asked during Tarot readings. Those struggling to conceive often feel ‘stuck’ and don’t know which steps to take to move forward. Fortunately, the Tarot can help. A fertility Tarot reading can give useful insight and suggest positive steps to facilitate conception. Here’s a beginner’s guide to using Tarot for fertility and family planning.

Steps for Doing a Fertility Tarot Reading:

  1. Set the Mood: Create a cozy and relaxed environment. Use candles, soft music or items of meaning to encourage a sacred, safe space.
  2. Prepare Your Questions: Write down some open-ended questions, such as ‘what action will help me conceive?’ or ‘what’s preventing me from getting pregnant now?’
  3. Shuffle the Cards: Gently shuffle the Tarot cards, thinking of your questions as you do.
  4. Select the Cards: Choose the relevant cards, most sources suggest three, while some suggest seven.
  5. Interpret Your Cards: Have a look at the cards and think of how the symbols link to your questions. Ask yourself what the cards are implying and what positive advice they might offer.
  6. Reflection: Take some time to contemplatively consider the cards and make any notes or journalling connections with the symbols which you find during your reflection.

Major Arcana Cards Around Fertility & Conception

In a Tarot reading focused on fertility and conception, you may find the arcana cards particularly important. Here’s a look at a few of them:

  • The Empress: The motherly card of the deck, this symbolises fertility and gestation.
  • The Tower: This card is incredibly layered and has both positive and negative connotations. It can signify breaking down old stuck patterns and behaviours, as well as rebirth and revelation.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: This card symbolises luck, fate and all the factors outside of ourselves which can be out of our control.
  • The Magician: This is the card of power and energetic exchange, reminding us that any grand change starts with us.
  • The Star: This symbolises faith, hope, and being supported and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

When embarking on a journey to conceive, a fertility Tarot reading can offer insight and hope. Consider this guide and remember that although a Tarot reading cannot guarantee pregnancy, it can offer some of the answers we’re seeking in times of confusion.
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What tarot decks are best suited for fertility readings?

The Motherpeace Tarot, the Deviant Moon Tarot, and the Gaian Tarot are all excellent decks for fertility readings, as they are specifically designed to represent motherhood and fertility. The Fertile Void Tarot is also a great option, as it celebrates the different stages of family-building and allows you to explore the nuances of each phase. Additionally, the Wildwood Tarot, the Osho Zen Tarot, and the Lover’s Path Tarot are all decks that offer insight and guidance on fertility-related themes.

Are there any tips and tricks to help ensure the accuracy of a fertility reading using the tarot?

Yes, here are some tips and tricks to help ensure the accuracy of a fertility reading using the tarot:

  • When interpreting fertility readings, focus on the keywords used in the card description rather than trying to interpret the symbols.
  • Use additional cards to clarify the reading, such as asking for further clarification on a card or to gain a broader understanding of the reading.
  • Look at how the cards interact to gain insight into the fertility situation as a whole.
  • Be open to all possibilities, even those that do not seem favorable.
  • Read your own feelings and intuition, as this can provide additional insight.

What techniques can be used to interpret the tarot cards in a fertility reading?

Interpreting tarot cards in a fertility reading can take several forms, depending on the needs of the individual. One popular technique is to use the traditional meanings of the cards to interpret the energy of the reading. For example, the Empress card often symbolizes fertility and abundance, while the Wheel of Fortune may suggest changes coming into one’s life.

Another approach is to interpret the tarot cards from a psychological perspective, where the archetypes represented by the cards may offer insights into the individual’s internal process. For example, a card like The Hierophant may symbolize a need for structure and tradition in order to create a safe environment for growth.

Finally, it’s also possible to interpret the cards using visualization and guided meditation. This can be helpful to explore feelings and beliefs that may be out of conscious awareness, and can lead to deeper understanding of the possibilities inherent in the individual’s situation.

What are the meanings of specific tarot cards when doing fertility readings?

Tarot cards can offer many different meanings when used for fertility readings. Some of the most common tarot cards and their meanings are as follows:

The Empress: This card generally symbolizes fertility, motherhood, and abundance. It can often signify the time is right for conceiving, or progress in fertility treatments.

The High Priestess: This card usually signifies a time of peacefulness and love. It is often interpreted as a sign of trust, calmness, and fertility.

The Lovers: This card is often seen as a symbol of harmony, love, and balance. It often signifies a desire to create, strengthen relationships, and bring forth new life.

The Star: This card stands for balance, hope, and guidance. It can often suggest a successful outcome to fertility treatments.

The Sun: This card stands for pleasure, joy, and optimism. It often represents a time of happiness and positivity in one’s life, and can be a sign of hope and fertility.

The Page of Cups: This card stands for renewal, fertility, and creativity. It often symbolizes new beginnings and a time for conception.

The Moon: This card is often seen to symbolize a time of creative conception and mysterious fertility. It can be seen as a reminder to trust one’s instincts and to follow their own path in life.

Q: What is a fertility tarot reading?

A fertility tarot reading is a special type of tarot card reading that can provide insight into possible fertility options, as well as any potential challenges that may be blocking your path to parenthood. This type of reading explores how issues from the past may be influencing your current fertility, and looks at the best possible future for your family planning goals. A fertility tarot reading can be a valuable source of guidance, encouraging you to embrace your journey through this emotional experience.