How to Display Tarot Cards: Creative and Stylish Ways to Showcase Your Deck

Ways to Display Tarot Cards

If you are a tarot reader, keeping your tarot cards neatly organized and displayed can make reading easier and be more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some creative and stylish ways to showcase your tarot deck.

Lighting Candles

Lighting candles is a great way to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. This will help to set the mood and create an ambiance that you can use when you are shuffling and drawing the cards. Candles should be used with caution and should never be left burning unattended.

Hanging Tarot Artwork

Hanging tarot-inspired artwork on your walls is a great way to bring the beauty of tarot cards into your space. You can find many pieces available for sale or you can even create your own. If you are using framed artwork to display your deck, be sure to choose ones that fit securely and won’t fall off the wall.

Using Altar Cloths and Fabrics

Adding a beautiful altar cloth or fabric to your workspace can help to add a touch of style to your space. Fabrics can be draped over a table, used as a foundation behind a set of cards or incorporated into a tiered display stand. Be sure to use high-quality fabrics that can withstand wear and tear.

Goombay Totems

A goombay totem is a creative way to display your tarot cards. Totems are stacked boxes that feature an image of a tarot card or a piece of artwork on each side. They are a great way to organize your cards and make them easier to access.

Decorative Binders

If you’d like to make your deck more accessible while still protecting them, then a decorative binder is a great option. You can find binders to fit any size deck and they are usually made of sturdy fabric, metal or leather.

DIY Tarot Stands

DIY tarot stands are a great way to get creative and make something unique to display your cards. You can use your imagination and create a stand out of almost anything. Whether you want to use wood, metal or fabric, it’s a great way to express your style and showcase your tarot deck.

A Final Note

Creating a tarot display is a great way to honor your deck and make reading easier. Whether you choose to hang artwork on your wall, use decorative binders or make a DIY tarot stand, there are many creative and stylish ways to show off your tarot deck.
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What are the best materials for displaying Tarot cards?

The best materials for displaying Tarot cards depend largely on individual preference. Some popular materials include fabric, velvet, and silk. For those looking for a more natural feel, wood is also a great option. Additionally, some people also prefer to keep their cards wrapped in organic materials such as cotton, hemp, or jute for extra protection and to keep them looking fresh.

Does the visual presentation of Tarot cards have an effect on the reading?

Yes, the visual presentation of Tarot cards can have an effect on the reading. Visuals can help a Tarot card reader understand and interpret the cards more easily, and can create a deeper connection between the reader and the cards. Additionally, different designs can evoke different emotions and reactions, which can influence the meaning that the reader assigns to the cards and ultimately play into their interpretation of the reading.

What direction should I face when displaying Tarot cards?

It is generally recommended that you face East when handling Tarot cards, as this is the direction associated with the power of the Sun and new beginnings. Additionally, some practitioners find that centering themselves and invoking a meditative state before handling the cards helps to bring clarity to readings.

What creative techniques are available for arranging Tarot cards?

There are many different creative techniques for arranging Tarot cards, including: creating a theme spread, using different shapes and sizes of cards, designing a mandala, utilizing lunar cycles, and creating custom spreads. Common spreads include the Celtic Cross spread, the Three Card spread, and the Star spread. Other techniques include reversing or inverting cards to cast a different interpretation, using card reversals to uncover secrets, and interpreting symbols and metaphors in each card. Additionally, some practitioners will do a symbolic “reading” by interpreting the symbolism found in the cards and interpreting the story they tell.

What is the best way to store tarot cards?

The best way to store tarot cards is to keep them in an individual box or bag that allows for easy access. The box or bag should be made from a durable material like linen, which will protect the cards from scratches and other damage. The box or bag should also have an inner compartment to separate the cards from each other and prevent them from becoming jumbled in transit. It’s also important to store tarot cards away from sunlight and moisture, as these can damage their quality. Finally, keep them away from any magnetic sources, such as speakers, as this can also interfere with the cards’ accuracy.

What type of tarot card storage is best?

The best type of tarot card storage depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of your tarot deck, the amount of space you have and your personal preferences. Some popular storage options include small storage boxes and pouches, larger boxes and carrying cases, envelopes, or small tins. You could also consider investing in a book-style tarot box that holds your cards and keeps them in order. If you’re looking for a creative option, many crafters make decorative tarot card trays and holders that can be used to store your cards.

What type of material is best for tarot card storage?

The best type of material to store tarot cards is something that is non-abrasive, acid-free and durable. A popular option is a pouch made of velvet, suede, or a synthetic microfiber material. These materials are designed to keep tarot cards clean and safe for long-term storage. You can also look for tarot card boxes and bags that are made out of wood or hardened paper, as these materials help protect the cards from dirt and dust.

What kind of bag should I use for tarot card storage?

A cloth bag with a drawstring or clasp closure is usually the most suitable type of bag for tarot card storage. Something with multiple smaller pockets or storage compartments is also highly recommended, so that you can store your tarot cards separately according to the suits and Major Arcana. Look for a cloth bag made of velvet, cotton, or synthetic microfiber material, as this will help to protect the cards from dust and moisture, as well as provide a soft cushion.